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5 tips to prepare for Ramadan physically & spiritually

  Pakrush Admin       Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Ramadan is approaching and we all need to prepare for it and welcome it in the most productive way. 

Most people think that Ramadan is just about abstaining from food and following certain do's and don'ts.

The fact is, this month is much more than that. Ramadan is not an ordinary month. It's a blessing that lasts for 30 days. So, let's try to get the most from it.

Here are a few tips that will open our heart as getting our heart & mind ready for this blessed month is very crucial. 

How to prepare for Ramadan fasting & spiritually
Here are practical ways to prepare for coming Ramadan as to how to get ready for fasting and build your spiritual momentum for maximum benefits

1) Prepare your body for fasting

Ramadan fasting can pose some challenge to those who overeat so it is wise to get into the habit of staying without food for longer periods weeks before the arrival of Ramadan. Fasting can become a serious challenge for those who have eating disorders. So paying attention to your eating habits is the key.

  • Practice eating less. You can cut your calories (intake) in half by following any practical diet plan.
  • Remove unhealthy food from your diet.  

2) Prepare your soul (heart and mind)

Prepare spiritually for Ramadan. This is done by getting your mind and heart open for Ramadan. Here are some of the practical tips you will follow:

⧭ Get into the habit of prayer

During Ramadan, you are expected to pray not just fard salah, but lots of nafl & taraweeh as well. So, if you are not praying, develop the habit weeks before Ramadan so you won't miss the rewards this month offers. 
  • Make extra rakaahs after isha
  • Wake up for Tahajjud

⧭ Make time for dzikr

Make time for dedicated sessions of dzikr (tasbeeh) before Ramadan so you will be fully prepared to continue the practice during the entire month.

 Quran recitation

Start by reciting 1 verse. Move on to the recitation of 1 page of your chosen Surah. Gradually increase your reading time and amount. By the time you reach Ramadan, you will have developed the habit of reciting Quran more productively.

⧭ Get familiar with important Ramadan rules and duas

It is important to know what you will be expected to do throughout Ramadan. Here are some important rules and supplications that you should be familiar with:

Key Duas related to fasting

➝ Dua for Suhur (Sehri) & intention to start your fast

➝ Dua before Iftar or when breaking your fast

➝ Prophet ﷺ Dua after Iftar

➝ Dua for Taraweeh prayer


Thanks for reading 5 tips to prepare for Ramadan physically & spiritually

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