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11 common things that don't break your fast in Ramadan

  Pakrush Admin       Thursday, March 25, 2021

Here are 11 common things that do not invalidate your fast in the month of Ramadan

Although a large number of Muslims do these things while they are fasting, still some people might have doubts whether doing any of these things intentionally or unintentionally may invalidate (break) their fast. 

So staying informed is important.

1) Use of perfume or eye drops

2) Taking bath / shower 

3) Unintentional eating or drinking / smoking 

4) Vomiting unintentionally 

Vomiting unintentionally does not break your fast. While vomiting intentionally (by sticking your finger in your throat) nullifies the fast. 

5) Kissing or hugging between spouses

Hugging or kissing between spouse is allowed. However, scholars suggest that one should try to avoid it as it may lead to further acts that are forbidden during the fast. 

6) Women whose menstruation ends at night 

Those women whose menstruation stops during the night (before Suhur / Sehri), can start fasting. They can make ghusl later in the day. 

7) Sleeping during the daytime 

8) Having wet dreams

9) Use of miswak / toothbrush (tooth paste is allowed)

10) Taking injections

11) Having a blood test

Important Duas for Ramadan

Dua to keep fast (dua for Suhur / sehri)

Dua to open / break your fast

Dua to recite after you have had your Iftar


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