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How Does Ramadan Affect Businesses In Non-Muslim Countries

  Anonymous       Thursday, March 25, 2021
Ramadan is almost upon with less than a month to go. A lot of people have confusion and questions about the Muslim holy month of Ramadan as they try to link lack of productivity and less work due to Muslims not eating/drinking anything from sun rise to sun set. 

This question is usually is asked in non-Muslim countries where Muslims live as a minority. And some research studies have pointed out the decline in productivity largely due to reduced working hours in most Muslim countries. 

The sleep, eating patterns are definitely changed and there is less time available to adjust to the new routine for Muslims living in the UK or US, but most businesses do not report loss of productivity and lack of motivation during Ramadan. 

The trend in the case of Ramadan is similar to the Christmas week or New Year. For most retail businesses in the UK and US, Ramadan is the best sales month since all Muslims go out for shopping for Eid. 

While businesses such as clothing and other retail items report massive profits due to sudden demand from Muslim community, the office-based jobs do not report a decline in employee productivity as such. However, from an investors viewpoint, the fact that Ramadan's moves 10 days in reverse with each passing year, this change may cause complications. 

The hospitality industry such as local restaurants, cafes and tea-houses also see a surge in business activity as Muslims after completing their iftaar get together at these shops and discuss different topics. 

On contrary to presumption that not eating/drinking and sleeping less should affect the work output of Muslims, Ramadan offers great benefits and opportunities for businesses. These benefits that businesses and companies enjoy are: 

Diversity and Better Reputation 

The companies employing Muslims within their set-up see their public image boosted as a company honoring diversity and diverse workforce. It helps them attract more talented Muslims in the future. 

Improved Problem Solving

The businesses with diverse workforce are more adept at faster problem solving since people from different backgrounds, beliefs and culture, promises better and faster results. A company having same people with same mindset will not have this luxury. 

Reduced Employee Turnover 

A business that has diverse teams always carries a positive image in the job market. It results in reduced employee turnover since people do not want to leave companies they are accommodating their needs, beliefs and preferences. 

High Social Employee Engagement 

A company offering workplace environment that is inclusive of different religions and belief systems, it results in higher social employee engagement. People want to work for the companies they can identify with at a social level. 


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