We’re always looking for guest writers and freelancers who can share 
insights, opinions, and ideas that are well researched. The range of topics and subjects we cover is wide, but for now we are mainly focusing on the subject of faith, spirituality, self-help, personal and professional development.
Write for self help, business, education, career,
Write for us: Guest posts and articles are welcome

The list of topics you can write on as a guest writer

  • Faith - The main topic in the subject of faith we cover is Islam. However, if you can offer opinions and insights related to faith in general such as character-building, virtues, gratitude, repentance and spiritual development, you are welcome too.
  • Spirituality
  • Self-help (how-to guides and tips)
  • Personal development
  • Motivation
  • Life hacking advice and tips
  • Productivity tips
  • Professional development
  • Time management

Submission Guidelines:

* Read all the guidelines before sending your article:
  1. The minimum word count of an article should not be less than 500 words.
  2. You can cite and link back to credible sources that help to back up your ideas (2-3 links  are allowed).
  3. Do not send watermarked images.
  4. Send in your images at teampakrush@gmail.com (Note: We have the right to change them). Include the source of every image.
  5. Don’t forget to add punctuation marks.
  6. Content should be original and free from grammatical errors.
  7. Don’t forget to double-check and proofread your work after you have finished writing. It will just help our editor save time and publish your articles at their earliest.
  8. If you agree to the guidelines, you are good to go and send us your write-up.
Send your articles, research, opinions and essays to teampakrush@gmail.com 

Some quick tips for guest blogging

Key benefits of guest posting

  1. You get quick access to your desired traffic
  2. Your pro writer profile will gain a much-needed boost
  3. Social media presence 
  4. Brand improvement 


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