Thursday, June 14, 2018

Askari Amusement Park to open this Eid ul Fitr 2018

Good news for Karachiites ! Askari Amusement Park is going to open this Eid ul Fitr, with brand new, thrilling rides to entertain the citizens of the fun-starved city. 

The park's officials announced the eagerly-awaited launch on their official Facebook page, giving an overview of the rides and other key entertainment features available for the public. 

Most thrilling rides for the first time 

1. 120-foot high Sling Shot
The Park boasts the addition of a 120-foot high Sling Shot that is too fun and scary at the same time. Check it out in the video below. 

Sling Shot will let you take an amazing ariel  view of the entire city. 

2. Scary Roller Coaster Ride
You will also get to enjoy the the roller coaster if you are not one of those who dread it. 

Citizens of karachi have long been waiting for more recreational activities in the city as years of violence, terrorism-linked chaos haslong kept it from realizing true potential of true metropolitan city. The launch of the Askari Park is a fresh breath of air.

Gratitude or happiness: What's more powerful and why?

Gratitude is a personality trait built on appreciation and acknowledgement while happiness or being happy is merely an emotion that can either be caused negatively or positively (a killer may feel happy for killing a human but they can never be grateful). 

Key difference between gratitude and happiness
Gratitude is directed at the benefactor, while happiness is aimed at the benefit and it does not care about the benefactor or the person/source who brings that benefit - So, gratitude is selfless and appreciative while happiness is all about self-centeredness/selfishness - huge difference.

Anyone can be happy for any reason, but gratitude is expensive and takes courage, sincerity and intellect
A robber feels happy after robbing people of their hard-earned money. You can feel happy by showing off your wealth and social status. You can be happy without being grateful, but you cannot be grateful and unhappy at the same time. Gratitude not only attracts more, it also attracts more happiness and comforts.

So, happiness can be achieved by doing any thing (good or evil) and it is not as powerful as gratitude when it comes to living a fulfilled life. 

Why is gratitude more powerful than happiness or being happy
Gratitude is based on "giving" (appreciation and acknowledgement of the benefactor/Universe/Nature/Allah/God) while happiness is based on "taking." Gratitude is an investment while happiness is a return/outcome that does not last long. A return (happiness) cannot bring more returns or more benefits. but investment (gratitude) is sure to bring returns. Simply put, happiness is all about taking, taking and taking - and not giving (valuing, appreciating, and understanding the importance of the source that benefits us)

Gratitude is based on the universal law of cause-and-effect. You pay something to get something. You don't get more if your only concern is to get benefits without giving anything. Gratitude takes a lot of thinking effort to assess, value and appreciate the hard works done by the Creator/Nature/God. When you are grateful for something to the Creator (or to some human), you are actually giving (paying) your attention, energy, and time to appreciate the source (from where the benefit or favor came).  

Gratitude is acknowledgement/appreciation/praise of the source that benefits you or does you a favor. Gratitude is triggered by a positive assessment of a situation that has benefited us or a situation that we find beneficial. Gratitude should not be confused with happiness. Happiness is a pretty weak emotion compared with gratitude.

Why happiness cannot attract more happiness
Happiness is based on self interest or more precisely, selfishness (you win a lottery, and you get happy. You can still be happy without acknowledging the source that led to the winning of that lottery - without even bothering to appreciate the real source through which lottery happened - but you can still be happy). Happiness is based on caring about own self, own benefit while gratitude has nothing to do with self-interest.

Happiness does not attract abundance, rather it takes a lot of things away from you. So don't run after happiness - try your best to go after gratitude and appreciation and happiness will chase you and find you without your having to work on it.

If you go after happiness, happiness will get further and further away from you while if you go after gratitude, happiness will follow you around like a shadow. Gratitude is king emotion that attracts abundance, wealth and happiness like a magnet.

Should I try to be happy
Stop thinking about trying to be happy -- instead try to build an attitude of gratitude. If you pursue gratitude and develop it through constant practice, happiness will get down on its knees and will come to you in countless forms. But if you go after happiness or try to be happy all the time, it will start slipping away from you, causing you to take actions, work hard, and worry yourself sick about how to be happy.

Why is everyone obsessed about being happy
Today, self-help books and personal development tips are loaded with 'how-to-be-happy type guide and instructions, but people are getting unhappier by the day. Why? because they fail to understand that happiness is not based on giving as all the universal laws are functioning on one principal: Give-and-take or Cause-and-effect

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

How to change Ufone packages

Changing or switching to your desired Ufone package is pretty easy. Ufone provides a drop-down list of all the existing packages available for activation. All you have to do is follow the steps mentioned below:

How to change a package

1. Dial 444 and follow the instructions 


2. Dial *444# and send it to 444

What are the charges for changing a package
Ufone does not disclose charges/fee for most of the packages at their website. The company does mention that the packages will involve fee inclusive of taxes, but no certain amount is mentioned. Prices vary from package to package.

You can change your existing one to these mentioned below:

Uwon Super Call Offer
Uth Non Stop Offer
30 Second Package
Tension Free Basic Package
Ucircle Life Plus
Prepay Life
Life Plus
Life Value
Ufone 5/15
Josh Package
Public Demand
Ucircle Life
Ghanta Package
Teen Minute Package
One Free Package
Super Ghanta Package
Uth Package
Kissan Package

Checkout Ufone SMS bundle 2018
Cheap and affordable Internet Offer: Light Bucket

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Why Meezan Bank Debit card is Best for Online Shopping

My personal experience is that Meezan Bank debit card beats all the other banks' cards hands down due to many reasons. I will stick to two of the most powerful features and benefits that I didn't find in other debit cards in recent weeks. 

Killer feature #1 
Unlike other banks, you don't even need to make a call to the bank representative to activate the card for online purchases 
The best thing about Meezan Debit card is that you don't have to phone the bank to allow you to use the card for online purchases. This one feature will win you over for sure as most of other banks' debit card will require you to get permission from bank to activate it and use it for shopping for certain number of days -- too hectic and slow. 

I have used debit cards from two of the most credible banks of Pakistan - Allied Bank and MCB, and the biggest limitation I came to know about them is that you have to call the bank to make a request to use the card for online buying, and that too for a certain period of days. This is hectic as you have to keep calling the banks again to reactivate your E-commerce buying session. Check out here at ABL site and see for yourself. 
But with Meezan Bank debit card as mentioned earlier, you don't need to talk to the representative every single time for activation - just type in the card number (wherever you see a Visa or Masters sign) buy stuff at your desired website and you are good to go ! Isn't it amazing? Let me know in the comment section. 

Killer Feature # 2

* Trusted International Websites and Shopping Portals accept it like a credit card  
I have tried using ABL and MCB debits cards at big online platforms like Facebook and Fiverr, and got disappointed when I was not permitted to continue with the payment process. But Meezan Bank will not let you down as you can effortlessly use it like a credit card. Try it yourself and let me know in the comment section.
I have used it on Facebook to buy likes for many pages plus paid for a couple of services at Fiverr. It worked fine and seamlessly. 

I am sure these two features mentioned above are enough to make you go for Meezan Bank Visa or Master. Please check out the bank's official website | Meezan Debit for Online Shopping

Let me know which banks' cards have you been using and how your overall experience has been? Leave your comments. 

Uth Non Stop Offer: How to Subscribe and What are the Rates and Code

Package Details
* After first three minutes you can talk for free
* You can make a call to any Ufone number (no restriction of numbers)
* No time limitation (all through the day - 24/7)

Uth Non Stop offer is for those who don't want to stop talking and want loads of SMSs without having to pay much. The best thing about this amazing offer is that you can talk to any Ufone user, as the previous offers typically restricted the consumers to certain number of Ufone users (usually 1, 2 or 3 in most services).

How to subscribe?
To subscribe to Ufone's Uth Non Stop SMS offer, please dial the code *22#. Another way is to type in "22" in your SMS and send it to 444.

Any City, Any Number
You can dial any Ufone number, in any city of Pakistan, and after the first three minutes you can talk for free (even if the call continues, say, for more than 10 hours).

Tons of SMS at cheaper rates
Another thing that is making text-crazy Ufoners love this package is its freedom of making unlimited SMSs. The rates are surprisingly low, offered at just Rs. 1.99

Pricing is usually the factor that keeps many text-obsessed users in a tight spot as these are the type of consumers who are usually on a tight budget, but they gotta stay connected by typing messages. 

That is why the offer, understandably, is luring the youth, students, low-paid employees whose job description involves a lot of texting and stay-at-home teenagers.

The hard-to-ignore offer had to be extended due to high demand
Ufone officials might not have expected to see an overwhelming response from the consumers - mainly the youth - as the company was forced to reconsider its decision to discontinue the package when it extended it for a month, restarting from September 14, 2010 till October 14, 2010.

When the company extended the package for a month back in 2010, it had already stopped accepting new subscriptions as only the existing subscribers were allowed round-the-clock free calls. 

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Ufone SMS bundle packages for 2018 - Daily, Weekly and Unlimited

Ufone SMS bundle packages: Rates, codes for activation and deactivation 

Ufone doesn't stop amazing its users who are heavily dependent on SMS or text-obsessed consumers. The company has unveiled a host of cool packages with low rates yet the number of SMS you can make is as promising as before. Checkout the rates, codes to subscribe and validity period for each package.

Daily Packages

Daily Package
SubscriptionNo. of Free SMSValiditySMS 'Sub' to
Rs. 4.77 (inclusive of taxes)1,50024 Hours605
How to unsubscribe/deactivate Daily Package?
To unsub or deactivate the package, please write 'Unsub' in your message box and send it to 506

Daily Package will keep resubscribing automatically
This could be a huge blessing for easy-going slackers (lol) as they don't have to go to "write message" box and send another subscription text to the company every 24 hours to keep the package activated. Ufone is here to do it for you. Sit back and enjoy the service.

If you want to continue to use the daily package without having to resubscribe by sending 'sub' to 605, be sure that you don't run out of your balance as it will get you deactivated from it. 

Two-week Package

Fortnightly Package

SubscriptionNo. of Free SMSValiditySMS 'Sub' to
Rs. 35.85 (inclusive of taxes)10,00014 Days603

Unlimited SMS Offer

Unlimited Package
SubscriptionNo. of Free SMSValiditySMS 'Sub' to
Rs. 95.69 (inclusive of taxes)20,00030 Days607

Annual Package Plan

Yearly SMS Package
SubscriptionNo. of Free SMSValiditySMS 'Sub' to
Rs. 795.87 (inclusive of taxes)Unlimited*One Year601
*Fair Usage Policy of 100,000 SMS apply.

Weekly Bucket

*Weekly SMS Bucket
SubscriptionNo. of Free SMSValiditySMS 'Sub' to
Rs. 11 .95 (inclusive of taxes)1,20007 Days608

*This package is only valid for Uth Package Customers.

How to unsubscribe weekly SMS package?

Step 1) Go to "write message" section and type in 'Unsub'
Step 2) Send the written message to 8066

45-Days Bucket

45 Day SMS Bucket
SubscriptionNo. of Free SMSValiditySMS 'Sub' to
Rs. 118.31 (inclusive of taxes)30,00045 Days614

For more details, please log on to Ufone official site to get a better idea of how the packages work as you might have a lot of other questions regarding each package. 

How to subscribe to any package of your choice?

Step 1) Go to your "write message" box and type 'Sub'
Step 2) Send this message to your choice of above-mentioned codes (see the tables above to find the code of your choice).

Please do not forget to give a thorough read to the terms and conditions section at the official Ufone site as there may be many technical points you are still unaware of.  For instance, various taxes depending on where you live (province/Federal) are typically applied to all Ufone's services. 

Charges for an SMS package change
Keep in mind that subscribing to a package will incur cost, which Ufone mentions as "standard rates to be applied." There are costs (albeit meagre) on each of the company's service. For instance switching to another SMS package will typically incur cost. To give you a rough idea of the charges and rates for an "SMS package change,". 

To deactivate a package and switch to another one , you will be charged a standard rate of Rs. 11.9 (inclusive of taxes).

How to check remaining free SMS?
To check remaining number of free SMSs, send a blank message/text to 606. You will also get to know about the expiry date of package.

Be informed about the taxes applied 
GST (General Sales Tax), being the most popular form of tax, is applied to each of the services, but there is another form of taxes levied - AIT (Advanced Income Tax). The rates for taxes may vary from province to province. Check this out .

Ufone Light Bucket: Code for cheap Internet package offer

For a low-cost and affordable Ufone monthly Internet bucket, please dial the code *7807#. The package is touted as the Light Bucket, for those who are looking to use the Internet at cheap rates.
Ufone light bucket Internet Package. Rates and Code to subscribe

Rs 250 (includes taxes)
Valid for
30 days
1 GB
Free unlimited use of Facebook, Whatsapp, Line and Twitter during validity period (30 days)

Users, who use the Internet merely for social media such as Facebook, whatsapp or even Twitter, the Light Bucket is something that they must subscribe to. 

As for the data, 1 GB is enough for an average Internet user who doesn't need to download videos, files or apps and who just want to stick to light use :) 

Ufone continues to offer varied internet packages that are more flexible and low-cost than ever before, yet maintaining better speed as well as desired data (GBs) for most of you "light users" who don't want to complain about using something that isn't worth the time and money. 

Of course it doesn't make sense for an average FB user to spend more than Rs 250 on a package. If scrolling through your FB status or shooting a tweet or two everyday is the most you do in the name of Internet usage, and that too for free for thirties days straight, you'd be a fool not to subscribe to the Light Bucket.

Good luck! 

Askari Amusement Park to open this Eid ul Fitr 2018

Good news for Karachiites ! Askari Amusement Park is going to open this Eid ul Fitr, with brand new, thrilling rides to entertain the ci...