Thursday, May 24, 2018

Dua-prayer for stubborn child

1:35 PM

Dua-prayer for stubborn kid/child: Dealing with a stubborn child/kid is hard and parents who are unfortunately facing this problem worry themselves sick as correcting the stubborn child's behavior from arrogance to obedience takes a lot of work and time. 
Being a Muslim, one should not fear no matter how impossible the problem seems. This dua is a miracle, if recited with all your heart and mind (full faith in Allah and His capability)
Dua-prayer for stubborn child and kid

How to make dua? You can recite this dua after your regular prayers (salah), but what's more important is that you should have complete trust in Allah and His ability to discipline your stubborn child/kid (son/daughter) because fulfillment of every dua depends on how much trust and passion we put into it. Making dua with a doubtful mind often leaves our prayers unanswered. 

Have full faith that Allah will discipline your stubborn child
The best way to achieve your goal of correcting your stubborn child  (be it son or daughter) is that you take the time out from your busy day and sit in silence for five to ten minutes. 
With this dua close to you (if you haven't memorised it yet), start thinking about how powerless you are and how powerful Allah is when it comes to dealing with this issue. Your success of dua will only depend on how much trust you put in Allah. To do this, you should already start assuming that Allah has corrected your child.

How to easily let Allah know you have already believed that He has corrected your stubborn child?

Step 1> Think of Allah's power, His ability, His intelligence, His mercy, His control over creation for 2 minutes

Step 2> Now close your eyes and start imagining that Allah has corrected your son/daughter. See in your imagination that he/she is now well-behaved and is no longer stubborn.

Step 3> In your imagination, start thanking Allah that He has listened to your prayer/dua.

Dua for sadness and depression

12:51 PM
Dua-prayer for sadness and depression: It is not unusual for people to feel sad and even depressed as Allah puts us through many unwanted trials to see whether we are grateful or ungrateful towards Him. 
Sadness and depression can be eliminated if we focus on Allah and His capability (think of His 99 attributes - Asma ul Husna and dwell on their meaning). In Quran and Hadith, we are often taught about how Allah eliminates sadness and depression if we follow His instructions and guidelines. 
Dua-prayer for sadness and depression in Islam

To gain the maximum benefits from this dua/prayer and end your sadness and depression, you must not only recite it but also understand the meaning. Often times, we recite duas verbally and don't even know what we saying and why we are saying the words. Dwell on the meaning. You can recite this dua after every salah.

If you are sad most of the times and go into depression from time to time, it is wise to go see a doctor or even a spiritual healer, but as long as we don't learn to rely on Allah our problem can't disappear. To combat sadness and depression, there are dozens of beautiful duas and prayers at our disposal. 

Most of the times, sadness and depression are caused by spiritual problems. If there is no obvious reason and you are feeling sad, then you must be aware that your problem has something to do with thinking. 

Your mind is filled with lots of unnecessary thoughts and as a result you are feeling sad for no reason. Losing control over your thoughts happens when we don't realize that Allah has given us concsious control over our thinking. We are in charge of our thoughts and we have control over what to think and what to not think. 

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Dua-prayer for grief, sorrow and worry

3:53 PM

Best dua/prayer for removing grief and sorrow from your life: Grief and sorrow eat the victim from inside and leave them at the mercy of others as they are unable to maintain their consciousness.
Islam has armed us against grief and sorrow, and there are several powerful duas-prayers to live a worry-free life.  
Remembrance of Allah is the thing that keeps us in constant bliss and peace of mind, but our ego is the real culprit that keeps throwing us off our spiritual path.
Dua prayer for grief, sorrow and worry in Islam

A hadith has mentioned the power and effectiveness of these beautiful kalima and this brings us to the reality that acknowledging Allah and His power in the face of grief, sorrow and worry is the remedy. 

Whenever you feel grief over anything or any situation or for any person, start reciting this dua/prayer comparing this problem with Allah. It will be like pitting this problem (of grief and worry) against Allah and the logical answer your mind will come up with is that Allah overpowers every thing, which also includes grief and sorrow.

The hadith mentions that the lightest problem this dua fixes is "grief and sorrow." You can imagine the power of these words - if the lightest and least serious problem is grief and sorrow then what wonders this prayer can do to you. It is a complete package to happiness and ease in your life plus the rewards in the hereafter are unimaginable.

Dua-prayer for stress and panic attack

12:42 PM
Stress and panic attacks can cripple a health person and block their day-to-day tasks. Some people unluckily develop this mental problem due to a number of reasons(but we will not go into the details of the reasons in this post). Fom an Islamic perspective, stress and panic attacks are completely under the victim's control, but it needs practice and regular prayers (duas) to get rid of it. 

Dua-prayer for stress and panic attacks in Islam (authentic hadith - Al Bukhari 7/158)

Transliteration: Allahumma inni audubika minal hammi wal-hazani wal-ajzi walkasali waljubni walbukhli wadhala'id dyni waghalabatir rijaal

This dua is a complete package for "how to deal with stress in Islam" as it has wordings so powerful and so meaningful that it quickly connects you to the Almighty as this prayer asks you to first surrender to Allah by accepting that you can be overpowered by anything acting by the will (izn) of Allah. 

Stress and panic attacks are a form of spiritual problem as they originate at thinking or mental level. The symptoms of stress (sweating, heavy breath, headache and fear) may manifest on the physical plane and they originate at the thought level or on the spiritual plane.

In Quran, Allah talks about the importance of His remembrance. Quran tells us that if we don't remember Allah and turn away from His dhikr (remembrance/praise/acknowledgement/qadr/assessing His importance), then the Almighty unleashes shayateen on us, trying to harm us. 

The best way out is to turn to Allah by learning these duas and prayers. It is not enough to memorise the Arabic text as it does help to get you started and help you gain momentum, but learning, understanding and dwelling on the dua is the key to gaining maximum benefits. 

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Dua-prayer for anxiety in Islam

1:54 PM
Dua-prayer for anxiety in Islam: Anxiety can hurt a person's day-to-day life, but being a believer one should not worry as we have powerful and effective duas/prayers at our disposal. Let's be thankful to Allah for guiding us and giving us the right tools to get rid of anxiety that eats not only our physical but spiritual life as well.

 يا حي يا قيوم برحمتك أستغيث

Transliteration: Ya Hayyu Ya Qayyum Be-rahmatika astaghees

Translation: "O Living ! O Sustaining ! By Your mercy I seek help"

This dua/prayer can be recited whenever you like, but a more aspect regarding the effectiveness of it is that you must understand the meaning of what is about. 

This dua has proven to remove anxiety as Quran says one of the major causes for anxiety is not remembering Allah and doing His dhikr. 

Our daily life, work, relationships and social issues can cause us anxiety and if this problem is not fixed at the right time, we run the risk of losing health (mental and physical), work and even relationship because the likely outcome of prolonged anxiety is depression. 

Spiritual issues too can cause anxiety in a person. The outcome from spiritual problems are hard to trace and often leave the victim at the mercy of amils, quacks and even black magic practitioners.

Islam does not leave us in a tight spot and sends us in the battlefield without any preparation. Prophet Mohammad Peace Be Upon Him has taught us dozens of duas-prayers to combat spiritual and psychological problems - anxiety being one of them. 

Dua-prayer for dead person

12:48 PM
Dua-prayer for dead person: Assalamoalaikum brothers and sisters, today we are going to share a dua for the deceased or dead person. I found this beautiful dua on a YT channel. May Allah bless the brother who created the video to share this dua. 
It is our duty to make dua for someone who has left this world as being a relative we must ask Allah to do him/her a favour and shower His blessings on the departed soul.

Arabic Text with English translation:

Dua and prayer for dead person

Dua in English translation: O Allah, forgive him and have mercy on him, and give him strength and pardon him. Be generous to him and cause his entrance to be wide and wash him with water and snow and hail. Cleanse him of his transgression as white cloth is cleansed of stains. Give him an abode better than his home, and a family better than his family, and a wife better than his wife. And enter him into Paradise and protect him from the punishment of the grave and from hellfire. 

I have shared a Youtube video of this dua-prayer for those of you who have difficulty reading the Arabic text.

We are in need of Allah's mercy all the time

Whether one is alive or has left this mortal world, a human will always in need of Allah and His mercy. After the death of a person, Allah's mercy becomes even more important as we cannot even enter the paradise without it. 

Our acts, worships and good deeds are all the result of His mercy and kindness as He made it possible for us to have the strength and required capability to perform acts of worship in our worldly life. So, what can be better than a beautiful dua/prayer begging the Most Generous and Most Merciful to forgive the deceased/dead person.

Dua-prayer for baby boy or son in Islam

12:10 PM
Here is an easy yet powerful dua-prayer from Quran if you want Allah to give you a baby boy or son. Asking Allah for a baby boy or a son in prayer (dua) is mentioned in Quran as Prophet Zakaria Peace Be Upon Him asked the Lord to give him a son as he wanted a heir who would become his inheritors after him. 

 رَبِّ لَا تَذَرنِي فَردًا وَأَنتَ خَيرُ الوَارِثِينَ 

Transliteration: Rabbi la tazarni fardan wa-anta khairul wariseen

English translation: My Lord, do not leave me alone (with no heir), while You are the best of the inheritors (Al Quran - 21:89)

You can recite this dua as often as you can and reap the benefits in the form of a baby boy. When you sit down to make the dua, please make sure that you know the meaning of this dua and understand what this is all about. 

Many times, we habitually recite duas and prayers in the Arabic language without even understanding what we are asking. Allah wants us to pray with all our heart. 

Having a son is a great blessing (just like having a daughter is a great blessing), as the son usually becomes the inheritor of the parents and is expected to take care of his parents. 

It is completely fine to ask Allah for a baby boy in your prayers/duas. Some people mistakenly think that asking Allah for a baby boy or son gives the impression that the parents don't want a daughter or don't like a baby girl. 

I have seen many parents who willfully don't want a son so that they can tell the world that they are not greedy for the dunya as the son is usually expected to bring worldly ease and comfort to the parents. 

To get 100% results, you must:

1) Have complete belief in Allah and His ability to bless you with a son.

2) Be patient as being impatience gives a negative signal to Allah and shows that you don't have full faith in Allah's abilities. If we don't trust Allah and His powers to fulfill our wish, then what's the point in making dua to Him in the first place?

3) Repent for the past and present mistakes and sins as we don't know when and where we have angered Allah unintentionally or intentionally. Allah usually makes life hard for us due to our own negligence and mistakes. 

4) Start thanking Allah for His favours and blessings already being showered on us. Usually we ignore the present blessings, comfort, ease and favours in the pursuit of some future desires and end up becoming thankless to Allah as ignoring the present and current blessings from Allah is like ignoring Him and His acts of mercy upon us. So how can we expect to be thankful when He gives us blessings in the future if we don't bother to thank Him in the present moment?