Sunday, July 16, 2017

Dua - wazifa for success in operation

  Sehrish Khan       Sunday, July 16, 2017
Dua or wazifa is always your first and final refuge and when it comes to serious medical operations (bypass, or any other serious injury), your trust in Allah must be intact and it is done by making or doing a wazifa.
Whether you are going to undergo an operation in coming days or your loved one, you need this dua now. You can recite it on a regular basis, dwelling on the meaning.

Dua with Arabic text

Dua wazifa for success in operation


"I ask Allah, the Mighty, the Lord of the mighty throne, to heal you"

English transliteration

As alallahal azeema rabbal arshil azeemi an yashfiyak"

Recite this dua as often as you can. Making dua or doing wazifa is not just about reciting verbally your wish or desire, as the more important thing is to let Allah know that you understand well what you are wanting from Him. Most of the times, we end up doing empty recitation with no passion and feeling in it, and as a result most of our duas go unanswered. 

For hundred percent results (success in operation)

  1. Believe that Allah will cure the patient and the medical operation will be successful. 
  2. Don't let doubts enter your mind at all as it gives a negative signal to Allah that you don't believe in His power, mercy and the ability to heal.
  3. Give thanks to Allah for existing favours He has done you/the person undergoing operation (medical treatment, doctors, medicines, money that you used to pay for the initiation of the medical operation. Thank Him for every single favour you can think of.

Start giving thanks in advance

Don't wait until the operation day, just start giving thanks to Allah from right now and see the miracle. Take the time out from your busy schedule, sit in a peaceful place and start giving thanks. You will be shocked to see how much Allah loves His praise and thanks. Just try it with a sincere heart and honesty.

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Giving thanks in advance of any dua or wish is the key secret to getting hundred-percent results as Allah loves His praise and appreciation. Imagine if your patient never had a chance to be admitted to the hospital. Imagine if you had no money to pay for the operation and medicines. Say thanks to Allah for these current favours and also thank in advance for success in operation that Allah is going to bless you with due to your shukr.  


Thanks for reading Dua - wazifa for success in operation

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  1. Thank you so much for ur concern

  2. Thnx a lot valuable message..

  3. Thank you so much. May Allah bless you for spreading good deed. My one confusion regarding the pronounciation of last word. Is it "An yashriak " or "Ai yashriak". Thank you.

    1. Salam and welcome.

      It is "Ai yashfiak" but with a slight "N" sound at the end of "Ai"

    2. Jazakallah for your guidance

  4. May Allah bless you for your guidance

  5. May Allah shower upon you all that ur heart desires for you are spreading and sharing the most beautiful dua, which Allah loves.

  6. Thank u from the bottom of my heart for sharing us such a lovely way to come closer to Allah and to thank him

  7. Jazakallah!! Thank Your for your guidance!!😊

  8. Thankyou so much 🤲🏻🤲🏻

  9. For how many times I’ve to recite this verse ?

  10. My farther has a type of bone cancer where his body doesnt produce bone marrow and uis white blood cells are really low. He has had his MRI scan and the doctors are going to decide what to do to try fix him tomorrow on the 71th january. After reading has bought me alot of confidence and faith and ive put all my trust in allah as i know he will heal my farther. Please pray for him . Inshallah everything will go well

  11. He will be alright inshallah

  12. اَللّٰھُمَّ اِنِّیْ اَسْئَلُکَ خَیْرَالْمَوْلِجِ وَخَیْرَالْمَخْرَجِ بِسْمِ اللّٰہِ وَلَجْنَا وَبِسْمِ اللّٰہِ خَرَجْنَا وَعَلَی اللّٰہِ رَبِّنَا تَوَکَّلْنَا ۔


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