Thursday, May 4, 2017

Wazifa-Dua for increase in sales and business profits

An esay wazifa and dua to increase sales and business profits effortlessly: If you are working as a sales head or agent or even doing your own business, keeping an eye on sales figures is important as this is what fuels your business growth and operations. The wazifa and dua I am going to share with you works like a miracle and it will increase your sales effortlessly.

How to?

1) Choose any time during the day
2) Sit in a comfortable and quite place
3) Recite Surah Fatiha seven times
4) Recite the aforementioned dua 300 times while, in your mind, keeping the amount of sales you want Allah to give you
Islamic Dua for slaes and business profits

5) Recite Surah Fatiha seven times again
5) Do this wazifa daily for twenty one days straight.

Transliteration of the Dua: 
                             Ya Razzaqu Urzuqni Halalan Tayyiba

Allah has promised to give humans financial help as all things function by His will. If you are struggling to attract sales and your business is worsening, now is the best time to turn to Allah and give your matters in His hands.

Here's the catch: If something (a goal) is beyond you and you think your efforts are not paying off, try to give up your ego and leave the matter into Allah's hands by assuming and imagining that He is now working for you and put your success on an autopilot. Our ego tries to take control and associate all the Creator's work with itself. It also means ego is an stumbling block between us and Allah.


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