Saturday, May 26, 2018

Best Dua for money to come

There are lots of duas that you can recite for money to come, but duas and prayers should not be treated as a magic pill consisted of certain words or mantras. Dua/prayer is connection to Allah and His acknowledgement. 
Money will come to you Inshahllah if you have full faith in Allah and are thankful for His blessings already being showered on you. 
Best Dua for money to come in Islam
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Below are some of the key aspects that ensures mercy from Allah provided we stick to them with all our heart and mind

Recite this Dua with full faith in Allah and His ability to give you money

Faith is the first and foremost thing that you need so Allah will answer your dua. Most of the times we don't care about building our faith in Allah and just make duas with a doubtful mind as our focus is usually on asbaab/means (your current situation, lack of expertise, lack of resources and bad economy in the world), but not on Allah and His abilities. 

Don't be impatient as Allah is working behind the scenes for the best

When you recite this dua, you will probably start having doubts in your mind as shaitan will start giving suggestions. Questions like "Why is it taking too long for Allah to give me money?" will crop up. You might start asking such questions to yourself as your logical mind will now come up with its own limited reasoning. Be patient and just stick to the dua with full sincerity and faith. Whenever doubts and impatience try to get into your head, star reciting these verses "Innallaha ma-ass-sabireen" 'Indeed, Allah is with the patient"

Start thanking Allah for present blessings 

Allah says in the Quran: "If you are thankful, I will increase you" (Surah Ibrahim, 7). Humans in general are ungrateful as we often ignore countless blessings that Allah is showering on us right now. We keep wishing to get more, but once Allah gives us the thing we wanted, we get used to it and stop feeling thankfulness for it after a few days. Start thanking Allah for money (no matter how little you are making at present), for saving you from poverty and debt (qarz). There are countless blessings related to your financial life that you can focus on to thank Allah. 

This dua is not from a Quran verse, but it certainly is based on Quran teachings. "Call upon me. I will answer your prayer" (Surah Ghafir, 60)

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