Saturday, May 26, 2018

Dua-prayer for dead parents in Islam

  Sehrish Khan       Saturday, May 26, 2018

What Dua/prayer should one recite after the death of their parents?

There are several duas that can be recited for deceased (dead) parents (father and mother), but here is a very beautiful dua taught in the Quran, which many of us must have listened to. 

Dua prayer for dead parents in Islam

This dua/prayer, with Arabic text, English translation and the transliteration for non-Arabic readers, is from the Quran. It is mentioned in Surah Ibrahim, verse 41. 

It is the responsibility of the children/offspring to be concerned about their akhira, although everyone has to bear the burden of their own deeds. However, a dua/prayer from children continues to benefit parents even after their death. 

The only people whom a person can conveniently call selfless are parents (mother and father), so it is obligated for the children to return the favour in the form of sincere prayers (although they can never be thanked for their favours in this world, the best thing a son or daughter can do is ask Allah for their maghfirah)


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