Thursday, May 24, 2018

Dua-prayer for stubborn child

  Sehrish Khan       Thursday, May 24, 2018

Dua-prayer for stubborn kid/child: Dealing with a stubborn child/kid is hard and parents who are unfortunately facing this problem worry themselves sick as correcting the stubborn child's behavior from arrogance to obedience takes a lot of work and time. 
Being a Muslim, one should not fear no matter how impossible the problem seems. This dua is a miracle, if recited with all your heart and mind (full faith in Allah and His capability)
Dua for stubborn child from Quran
Islamic dua prayer for stubborn kid child
Dua and prayer for stubborn child


You can recite this dua after your regular prayers (salah), but what's more important is that you should have complete trust in Allah and His ability to discipline your stubborn child/kid (son/daughter) because fulfillment of every dua depends on how much trust and passion we put into it. Making dua with a doubtful mind often leaves our prayers unanswered. 

Have full faith that Allah will discipline your stubborn child

The best way to achieve your goal of correcting your stubborn child  (be it son or daughter) is that you take the time out from your busy day and sit in silence for five to ten minutes. 
With this dua close to you (if you haven't memorised it yet), start thinking about how powerless you are and how powerful Allah is when it comes to dealing with this issue. Your success of dua will only depend on how much trust you put in Allah. To do this, you should already start assuming that Allah has corrected your child.

How to easily let Allah know you have already believed that He has corrected your stubborn child?

Step 1> Think of Allah's power, His ability, His intelligence, His mercy, His control over creation for 2 minutes

Step 2> Now close your eyes and start imagining that Allah has corrected your son/daughter. See in your imagination that he/she is now well-behaved and is no longer stubborn.

Step 3> In your imagination, start thanking Allah that He has listened to your prayer/dua.


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