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A Prophetic dua to stop feeling sad and depressed

  Sehrish Khan       Thursday, May 24, 2018
It is natural for people to feel sad and even depressed as sometimes Allah puts us through unwanted situations to see whether we are grateful or ungrateful to Him. But we shouldn't lose hope because God Himself tells us that nothing (no problem) is bigger than His mercy.  

Here's a very powerful yet easy-to-recite prophetic dua that can be recited to fight off psychological attacks such as sadness and depression. According to a hadith, Prophet Mohammad SAW used to say these words whenever something made Him SAW sad and upset. 
Dua for sadness, depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder,

Sadness and depression can be  and turned into bliss and confidence, if we focus on Allah and His capability. In the Quran and Hadith, we are often taught about how Allah eliminates fear, disappointment and lack in us, if we follow His instructions and guidelines with full faith and thankfulness. 
Prophet dua to fight sadness

How to get the most out of this dua

There is no hard and fast rule for making this dua as it is more about connecting your heart and mind to Allah and receive His blessings. But still, you need some plan or method to get started because the more comfortable we are during supplication, the deeper the connection is going to be and as a result, the faster the results.

To gain the maximum benefits from this dua/prayer, you should not only recite it but also understand the in-depth meaning. Often times, we recite duas verbally and don't even know what we are saying and why we are saying these words. Dwell on the meaning. You can recite this dua after every salah.

To do this effectively, consider these important points:
  1. Surrender your ego and mind first because your egoic self is a barrier between the divine guidance from Allah and you.
  2. To surrender easily, just accept that sadness and depression has happened to you and you gracefully accept your current condition. Don't allow your mind to play games as it try to act like it can control depressive thoughts. If your mind alone had power to stop it, it would have stopped it in the first place. But it has failed. Just tell it to keep quite and say "no thank you, I will rely on Allah."
  3. As you recite the dua, think about the first part "Ya Hayyu Ya Qayyum" which means The Self-Living. Self Living God is fully capable of removing your problem. Medications may fail, people's advice may stop working on you, your own mind can collapse, but the One power that can never be overpowered by anything is Allah alone. Allah likes it when we show confidence in Him. 
  4. Move on to the second part of the dua. It is all about mercy. Rest assured that Allah is the Most Merciful and He loves caring for you. All you have to do is have full trust in His mercy and kindness.
  5. Don't just recite it and move on to other things. Sit in a quite place and pay attention the above-mentioned 4 points I have outlined. Spend at least five to ten minutes doing this prayer session. You can do a session after every salah, or after every few hours throughout the day.

Anxiety and worry

You can recite this dua for anxiety as well and to combat it, you will should follow the same steps mentioned in the 5 points. If anxiety disorder is not prevented at the right time, it ultimately leads to more complicated mental problems such as constant fear, feeling nervous all the time and distress.

Bipolar Disorder

If you constantly go into depressive modes and find it hard to live a normal life, you could be having bipolar disorder. But don't worry as your conscious mind can never be hijacked, which is why you are here reading this post. What you have to do is implement this dua fully--not just recite it superficially.

As you consciously implement this dua, its meaning, and the message it contains, you will gradually form new and powerful patterns in your mind that will enable you to retake control of your self.  Remember, bipolar disorder too is usually caused by spiritual reasons such as evil eye, entities and devil mischief. 

What about help from a psychiatrist 

Any help that comes your way is actually help from Allah, who is the Doer of every single act of creation happening in the universe. Even this post that you are reading right now should be taken as a blessing from God as it showed you a prescribed dua. 

If you are sad most of the times and go into depression from time to time, it is wise to go see a psychiatrist or even a spiritual healer who knows mental health problems, but as long as we don't learn to rely on Allah our problem can't disappear fully just by getting temporary fixes.  

Psychiatrists usually put you on medication and it fixes you temporarily. The permanent fix will only come once you make it your goal to get out of it. So medication/psychological help coupled with this dua with proper practice will allow you to get in alignment with God and His divine guidance. 

Most mental problems have spiritual causes

Most of the times, sadness and depression are caused by spiritual problems such as cursing from people, evil eye and negative entities (devil, djinns) attack. If there is no obvious reason and you are feeling sad, then you must be aware that your problem has something to do with thinking and negative flow of information being downloaded into your mind. 

What happens is that when your mind gets filled with piles of unnecessary, evil, and junk thoughts that you do not really need in your life because they actually are unproductive, these thoughts then become habitual patterns in our mind and replay themselves all day long. As a result you start feeling sad for no reason. 

Why these unwanted thoughts attack my mind

Simply because we are usually unaware that Allah has given us free will. Most people don't know that God has given us the ability to take complete control of our mind. We have power to pay attention to anything. We can ignore any thought powerfully. But the reality is, we allow our mind to be bombarded with negative thoughts from various channels: from negative people around us, from social media such as facebook and Youtube, and from TV and news. 

"We think our thoughts, our thoughts do not think us" Chuck Danes

You lose your control over unwanted, bad and even haram thoughts when you don't realize that Allah has given you complete conscious control over your thinking ability. This is very important to understand as most people spend their entire life being unaware of it and even those who know it fail to actually implement this God-given gift. We are in charge of our thoughts and we have 100 percent control over what to think and what to not think. 


Thanks for reading A Prophetic dua to stop feeling sad and depressed

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