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Dua for barakah in wealth, rizq, business & income

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It is not enough to just ask Allah to give us more wealth, money, rizq and more progress in business & job --- because at the end of the day --- we don't know what's best for us and this is why we must ask God to give barakah in whatever material blessings we desire.

Here is a dua that Prophet Mohammad SAW recited for one of His companions supplicating to Allah to increase his (ra) wealth with barakah in it. 

Please read it in the Arabic text along with English translation and transliteration. 

Dua for barakah in rizq and wealth with Arabic & English translation


Allahumma aksir maalee wa-waladee wa-baarik li feema a'taytanee

English translation:

O Allah, increase my wealth and offspring and bless me in what you have given me [Bukhari 6344]

Recite this dua to ask God to increase barakah and self-sufficiency in:

  • Business
  • Job
  • Income & earnings coming from difference sources (rental or if you are dependent on your family, parents)
  • Shop, factory, etc
  • Any work related to money and financial gains

Quran Surahs 

* Surah Fatiha: Surah Fatiha is a ruqyah and opens doors of abundance and blessings. Recite it 41 times after fajr prayer. 
* Surah Fajr & Waqiah: Read why Surah Fajr and Surah Al Waqiah hold immense power for increasing barakah in your rizq, wealth, business, job and income. 


Thanks for reading Dua for barakah in wealth, rizq, business & income

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