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Prophet ﷺ dua for barakah (blessing) in time

  Pakrush Admin       Wednesday, August 12, 2020
Time is precious, and having barakah in it is something Prophet Mohammad SAW specifically talked about in his Hadiths. 

"There are two blessings which many people lose: (They are) health and free time for doing good" [Sahi Bukhari 6412]

Keeping in mind this Hadith, it is important for us to constantly ask Allah to give barakah in our time and resources. 

Prophet ﷺ supplication: Barakah in morning time

Here is another Hadith that guides us about getting barakah in time. This hadith specifically talks about how we must strive to gain the readily available blessings in the morning time. 

Prophet Mohammad dua about barakah in morning time


Allahmumma baarik li ummati fi bukuriha 

English translation:

O Allah, bless my ummah in its early mornings [Musnad Ahmad 1320]

dua for barakah in time (Arabic text, Egnlish translation and transliteration)


Allahumma baarik li fi waqati

English translation

O Allah give me barakah in my time [source: Unknown]


Dua for barakah in wealth and rizq

Dua for Allah's bounty 


Thanks for reading Prophet ﷺ dua for barakah (blessing) in time

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