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Prophetﷺ dua for God's bounty, blessings to continue

  Pakrush Admin       Monday, August 10, 2020
If we want Allah to keep blessing us with His bounty, generosity and abundance, we must consciously remember Him by seeking His protection and mercy. 

When we seek God's protection and mercy for our benefit, we acknowledge Him as the sole owner of every created thing and the one Who is capable of giving us what we need. 

Here is a very beautiful and concise dua that Prophet Mohammad SAW used to recite, reported by Abdullah Bin Umar (ra) in Sahi Muslim:

Dua for Allah's bounty & blessings to continue | Arabic, English & transliteration
Sahi Muslim 2739

In order to live a happy, fulfilled and successful life in this material world, we need God's protection and fadl on a consistent basis. 

How to recite & gain maximum benefits 

This prayer can be recited after every salah or whenever you find time (at your own convenience -- preferrably during fajr time). 

In addition to the dua recitation and its practice on a regular basis, we should also practice deeds that actually keep Allah's bounties and blessings flowing into our life. Here are some of the key areas to work on:


Our sins, negligence, ignorance and forgetfulness get us in trouble as they push blessings away from us. But we should not lose hope as Allah has gifted us with the power of astaghfar or repentance. Making constant astaghfar keeps clearing us of deeds that block blessings, and keeps realigning us with God's laws and His fadl. 

➢ Learn 5 key steps to Astaghfar 
Prophet ﷺ dua to keep away from sins


When we express shukr for what we already have, Allah blesses us with more of that. Thankfulness is a miraculous power and it's a required ingredient for continued fadls and bounty from God. 

➢ Allah's promise to those who express sincere shukr 
4 Prophetic duas to become thankful to Allah


Thanks for reading Prophetﷺ dua for God's bounty, blessings to continue

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