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5 key steps to repent for sins & Astaghfar in Islam

  Pakrush Admin       Thursday, July 30, 2020
Repentance for your sins, mistakes and errors is a simple yet powerful process that enables us to reconnect ourselves to our Source - Allah, clean our record, make amendments and eventually lead a successful life both in this world and in life after death. 

Here are 5 powerful Quran-based steps to properly repent to Allah for sins and seek His forgiveness.  

Step 1) Admit your sin

Admit with an open heart and mind that you have made a mistake. Admitting your mistakes and sins is all about realizing that you are 100% responsible for your thoughts, actions and deeds. No one else is responsible for you. Only you are ! 

Simply, express to Allah that you have showed a lack of responsibility for your actions and have been ignorant, lazy and selfish. Allah loves those who show responsibility. 

As long as you blame outside sources (people, situations, time) for your mistakes, you will never accept the fact that you have done something wrong.

"Ya Allah, You know that I have made a mistake. I realize that I was responsible for keeping myself protected from sins, but I acted irresponsibly. I didn't use your gifts of aql, intellect, time, health, Your guidance in the form of Quran and Hadith. I didn't even realise that I was responsible for my thinking and every action. I  showed negligence, arrogance and laziness."

Step 2) Feel sorry for your sin

Once you have admitted that you were responsible for staying away from the sin but still you made the mistake, you should let Allah know that you are really sorry. This step will show that you surrender to God and aren't stubborn.

"Allah loves those who always turn to Him in repentance" [Surah Baqarah 222]

Feel sorry by telling Allah that that you now realize the seriousness of the sin you have made. Feel sorry by letting Allah know that you didn't realize the dangers and evilness of your sin/error, and you also didn't realize the benefits and virtues of staying away from this sin as well. 

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You will not find the energy and force to feel sorry until you understand the seriousness of your sin. We make mistakes usually because we think that it's not a mistake. If we knew sins were dangerous and they created bad consequences, would we still do it? Of course not. 

"Ya Rahman, I am sincerely sorry for my sin. I was wrong because I did not realize the seriousness of this mistake and didn't even learn how to stay away from it. I didn't realize how much trouble, humility, loss and your anger this sin would create for me. I am really sorry."

Step 3) Promise never to do it again

The sincerity of your Astaghfar will be gauged by how much you are willing to not repeat that mistake again. So, be determined and make a promise that you will not commit the same sin again. 

There are times when we superficially seek God's forgiveness as we don't really want to stop sinning. God knows what we hide in our hearts. So, express your willingness and the desire to never repeat those mistakes again. 

"Ya Allah, I promise that I will not make that sin again. Please help me keep my promise and make me steadfast. Please strengthen me and increase my will-power to stick to my promise. I will not go against Your instructions and do not want to break my promise. I may not be strong enough to keep my promise to avoid this sin, but You more powerful than myself, the sin, the temptations. You are more powerful than anything that might stand in my way and force me to sin again." 

Step 4) Ask Allah to forgive you

Repentance is also formally asking Allah to forgive you. As the first three steps, you have admitted your sin, expressed your sorry and promised not to do it again, now is the time to formally ask Allah to grant forgiveness. 

Asking Allah will show that you are not arrogant, delusional and also you consider Allah to be merciful, loving and forgiving. You are repenting to Allah because you realize that He is the Most Forgiving, otherwise why come to Him if you have doubts about His mercy and love? Just throw away all the doubts and negative thinking about Allah. Show Him that you value Him and seek forgiveness verbally and in your heart. 

To do this, use precise words for your Astaghfar supplication. You can have a look at these ➤ 6 authentic duas for seeking forgiveness from Quran & Hadiths.

You can also supplicate in your own language. When it comes to creating the right feelings and showing sincerity, a dua in your own language is even better and more compelling.

"Ya Allah, You are the Most Forgiving and Merciful. My mistakes and sins are not bigger than Your mercy and love. So Please forgive me. I will be really thankful to You." 

Step 5) Thank Allah

You are fortunate enough to repent for your sins as there are many people who keep sinning without ever turning to God, until they finally get punished. So, thank Allah for saving you from facing punishment, regrets, and losses due to your mistakes. 

Thank Allah:
  • For giving you thoughts and ideas about cleaning your track record
  • For not punishing you so you can correct yourself by repenting
  • For giving you time, energy and the willpower to seek His forgiveness
  • For letting you know that there is always a second chance to repent until your final breath. 
  • For letting you know through Quran and Hadiths that His mercy is bigger than your sin and He is always responsive to sincere Astaghfar.

"Ya Allah, thank You for giving me a chance to turn to You for forgiveness. I did not deserve repentance because You could have made it impossible for me to turn to You. It is only Your mercy, love and kindness that allows me to clear myself of sins. Thank You for keeping me from becoming arrogant, stubborn, and ignorant because your punishment is must for those who are arrogant, stubborn and egoistic."

Thanks for reading 5 key steps to repent for sins & Astaghfar in Islam

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