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12 enlightening quotes about remembering Allah

  Pakrush Admin       Sunday, August 2, 2020
Remembering Allah should be central to a believer's life and this is why Quran, Hadith, and the entire religious text is full of instructions and advice regarding how crucial staying connected to God is for the success of a person -- both in this material world and life after death. 

Allow these timeless quotes to impact your heart and mind so remembering Allah will become part of your attitude.

Hearts find peace in the remembrance of Allah
Quran quo

Do not let wealth and children distract you from remembering Allah
Quran quote

Remember me, I will remember you
Quran quote about remembrance of Allah

Ibn al Qayyim quote about remembrance of A

The best remembrance (dhikr) is la ilaha illaha
Prophet Mohammad SAW quote about best remembrance of Allah
Rumi: Remember God so much that you are forgotten. Let the caller and the called disappear; be lost in the Call

Prophet Mohammad SAW said, "Allah will give shade to 7 types of people (on the day of Resurrection), (one of them) will be a person who remembers Allah and his eyes are the flooded with tears 


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