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4 crucial life-changing lessons from Prophet Yunus story

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You have probably heard or read the unique and amazing story of Prophet Yunus AS as it is also mentioned in the Quran.

Quran stories are full of wisdom, knowledge, and instructions that we need in order to live a successful and God-fearing life, but there is no point of reading a story if we don't learn the lessons God teaches us from it.

Here are 4 most important lessons to learn from Prophet Yunus AS as they enable the reader to lead a successful and happy life if they internalize the message and implement it in their day-to-day life decisions.

1) Take responsibility for whatever situation you are in

Learn to never make excuses for your mistakes, errors and negligence. Allah likes those who show responsibility. 

There are times when you are going to make mistakes in any area of life and may find yourself in an unwanted situation due to those errors, but this should not take your mind off the fact that you are responsible for your thoughts, actions and situations. 

If you made a decision, but the outcome of that decision is not what you expected, you should accept that you are responsible because you consciously made that choice. Instead of blaming people, situations or even God, show responsibility and seek God's forgiveness. 

How Prophet Yunus impressed Allah by showing 100% responsibility: 

When a whale swallowed up Prophet Yunus AS alive, he quickly realized his responsibility as a slave and messenger of God. He didn't come up with excuses, logic and reasoning to cover up his negligence. He didn't blame the people. He didn't blame the fish, neither did he blame Allah. 

Instead, he gracefully accepted responsibility while still trapped in the stomach of the whale and repented with full sincerity. Moved by his Astaghfar, Allah the Most Merciful relieved him of his agony.

If you don't know the background of why Prophet Yunus AS was swallowed up by a whale and why he repented and for what, check out this short video and then continue reading:

These were his (AS) sincere words from the darkest, loneliest place (whale's stomach):
"O Allah, I am prostrating to You in a place where no one has prostrated to You before, in the stomach of a fish."

He then called out to God:
"None has the right to be worshiped but You. Glorified be You. Truly I have been among the wrongdoers."
Prophet Yunus dua in Arabic text, English translation & transliteration

2) Never lose hope in God

The story of Prophet Yunus AS teaches that if we keep our hope alive in God's mercy and help, He can get us out of the most difficult situations. 

Even the darkest and toughest situations cannot shake a person if they put their complete trust in Allah. Allah doesn't want us to suffer, all He wants from us is sincere acceptance that we are negligent and He is perfect

We cannot even imagine how dark, lonely and confined the stomach of a whale can be. Even the thought of it is enough to give any person a nervous breakdown. 

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But Prophet Yunus AS didn't lose hope in the darkest place and put his complete trust in the mercy, forgiveness and might of Allah. 

3) No problem is bigger than God's mercy

No matter how big a situation may be, God and His mercy is bigger than that. Allah says in the Quran:
"My punishment, I afflict with it whom I will, but My mercy encompasses all things." Surah Al-A'raf 56
Our problems, mistakes and negligence may try to dishearten us, forcing us to lose our hope in God's mercy. The truth is, His mercy is bigger than our faults and is always flowing endlessly. All we have to do is show responsibility by accepting our lack, weaknesses and convince that we trust Him. 

Let's recall that we are not testing Allah -- Allah is testing us. So, it is our responsibility to express to Him that we trust His mercy with all our heart.

This is what Yunus AS did. He didn't think for a second that Allah will not forgive Him and get him out of the fish stomach. 

4) Remember God in times of ease

In order for the first 3 lessons to be internalized in our heart and mind, we must take the time out everyday for God's remembrance. During easy and happy times, we should increase our knowledge about His attributes (mercy, love, forgiveness, His intelligence & power), spend time in gratitude, giving thanks and repentance.

Allah tells us about Yunus AS how he glorified and remembered Him before his difficult times:
"Had he (Yunus) not been one of those who glorify Allah, he would certainly have remained in its (whale) belly till the day of Resurrection."  

When we remember Allah in moments of ease, comfort and happiness, He remembers us in times of difficulties. So we should remember Allah:
  • When we are healthy, and He will remember us when we are ill
  • When we are free, He will remember us when we are busy 
  • When we are in peaceful times, He will remember us in chaotic and hard times
  • When we are young and strong, He will remember us when we get old and weak.
  • When we are alive, He will remember us when we are dead

Thanks for reading 4 crucial life-changing lessons from Prophet Yunus story

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