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Alhamdulillah: 100 blessings to thank Allah for everyday

  Pakrush Admin       Wednesday, October 13, 2021

You have probably experienced a situation where somebody told you to "stop complaining, and be thankful to Allah" -- and you were left wondering what to thank God for?

Most of us live our life with a never-ending appetite for more, an entitled and competitive mindset that we start taking God's existing blessings upon us for granted.

The fact is, we are not entitled to anything. Everything we have is gifted by God. If Allah took His blessings away from humans, none of us would be able to get them back through our own power and striving. So now is the best time to commit to thanking the Most Generous Lord for His favors upon us.

Alhamdulillah thank Allah for blessings and everything quotes, images

Here's a list of some of the key blessings, relief and favors from Allah that we benefit from on a continuous basis. As you read through the list, focus on each blessing for a few seconds, think about why you are thankful for it, how your life would be if God took it away from you, and then feel sincere thankfulness and silently say Alhamdulillah to express your shukr to Him for that blessing. 

  1.  Waking up today and & being alive There are tens of thousands of people who didn't wake up today. And at this very moment, many people are taking their final breaths on this planet. Their chance to correct themselves, achieve their goals, thank God and seek forgiveness has ended. I am alive and I thank Allah for this.
  2.  Good Health Without good health, I wouldn't be able to live a normal life. A disease-filled life is hard. Be thankful.
  3.  Food on the table There are many people who don't even have access to proper food
  4.  Family: Without family, life would be extremely hard for you.
  5. Protection and safety: Life is full of dangers, accidents, natural disasters and pain. Be thankful to Most Loving God for keeping these harms away from you
  6. Roof over head: 
    Thank God for home and roof over head
    Having a house is a great blessing. There are millions of homeless people who don't have a roof over their head. They sleep out in the open in storms, winter, summer and face all sorts of hazards.
  7. Education
  8. Independent sources of rizq & money:
    Thank Allah for money and job

    Thank Allah for having a job or business. Imagine begging others for money and financial aid. Say: thank You Allah for saving me from begging.
  9. Eyesight
  10. Comfortable bed
  11. Electricity
  12. Friends and relatives
  13. Clean and drinkable water 
    Thank God for clean and drinkable water

    Many people aren't able to get clean, drinkable water. We have a blessing of clean and safe water 24/7.
  14. Parents
  15. Kids
  16. Spouse (life partner)
  17. A good night's sleep
  18. Transportation
  19. Fresh air
  20. Kindness of strangers 
  21. Good neighbors
  22. Ability to walk without walking stick 
    Thank God for having legs, walk, jog and run

  23. Clothes on your back 
  24. Healthcare, doctors and medicine
  25. Warm & hot showers in winter season
  26. Air conditioning in summer season
  27. Technology
  28. Ability to help others
  29. Ability to think positively
  30. Parents' prayers
  31. Recreation and entertainment such as sports
  32. Washing machines and dryers
  33. Delivery food 
  34. Having taste buds : Without taste buds, food wouldn't feel good. Let's thank God ofr allowing us to not only satisfy our hunger but also enjoy the taste of food as well
  35. Masjid near home and listening to azaan (call to prayer) everyday
  36. Listening to Quran and recitation
  37. Smartphone for staying connected to loved ones
  38. For Allah: His love, mercy, kindness, generosity, His guidance, His protection and care
  39. Positive feedback
  40. Help from others
  41. Having choices in life
  42. Diversity
  43. For life: It's a great honor that Allah paid attention to me and brought me into existence. If Allah didn't create me, I wouldn't know Him and His wonderful presence and thank Him and enjoy His blessings? Say Thank You God for creating me. Alhamdulillah !
Note: I am making a list of 100 blessings to thank God for, if you have a certain blessing or thing in your mind, let me know in the comment. I will add yours. 


Thanks for reading Alhamdulillah: 100 blessings to thank Allah for everyday

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  1. Ashraful Makhloq:Humans
    Slaves of Allah
    Blessed with Emaan
    Beautiful Religion Islam
    Biggest Blessing Beloved Prophet s.a.w
    100% perfect and truthful book Quran
    Closeness to Allah
    Connection of Allah
    Blessed Month: Ramdan
    Blessed Day:Jumua
    Beautiful Blessing:Namaz
    Taking to Allah
    Making Dua to Allah for our needs
    Remembering Allah :Zikr
    Allah's Guideness
    Knowledge of duniya
    Knowledge of Islam
    Body parts
    Good lineage
    Good Health
    Rain is a Blessing
    Day and Night
    Education from English medium
    The sence of smell
    The sense of touch
    The sense to feel
    Ability to see,eat,hear,sleep,think,talk,walk,hold,fold,chew food,blink eyes,digest food
    millions of cells
    Internal and External organs functioning properly
    Tasty Fruits
    Healthy vegetables
    Yummy sweet
    Animals to eat,to ride on
    Everyday fresh food

  2. Roads

  3. Mohammad Zaid siddiquiFebruary 5, 2023 at 5:24 AM

    Mainly thank him for the gift of emaan which is priceless

  4. Mohammad Zaid siddiquiFebruary 5, 2023 at 5:27 AM

    Mainly thank him for giving us emaan which is priceless and without it everything seems meaningless

  5. The gift of guidance through tests, during hard times many leave their iman and faith but if Allah wills he will guide you through your hard times and bless you with more imaan. He will not allow your life to remain motionless and he will guide yointrhiguh tough times do you find yourself and him.


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