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5 Workable Tactics To Use Against Energy Vampires

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Energy vampires can be a real pain in the neck if you do not stay protected from them. But the reality is that their victims often remain unaware of them being manipulated and taken advantage of. This ignorance on the victim's part motivates energy vampires. 

Energy vampires are everywhere, from close families such as spouse and siblings, friends, to workplaces.  The first step always lie in knowing the tactics, behavior and shenanigans of energy vampires.

Traits of Energy Vampires 

Lack of Accountability

The energy vampires are often freedom-minded and would not present themselves to accountability of any kind. They often use their charm and personality to fend off any situation that demands accountability. They swiftly shift the blame to their victims and dismiss any suggestion that calls for accountability and balance in a relationship. There is no balance, sense of accountability, and culpability. 

Drama Creators

They love drama and conflict for it allows them to continue their venture of draining your energy to their advantage. Peaceful and lack of conflict life is something energy vampires detest from the outset. 

They Play Down Your Problems, Magnify Their Own

The most common trait of an energy vampire is that they will always magnify their own problems but play down yours. The classic example of this trait is: you both are having the same problem (being in debt), the energy vampire will always ignore you when you tell them how you are facing problems in life due to loan or debt. 

But having the same problem, they will make it look extremely upsetting and worrying and expecting you to react to their problem emotionally so your energy can be drained. See our detailed article on the signs and traits of energy vampire.


5 Extremely Effective Techniques That Work Against Energy Vampires

Here are five time-tested and proven tactics that always work and help free you from the clutches of an energy vampire. If one tactic does not work, you can try and use another to fend off the energy vampire and ease your already problematic life. 

1-Cut Yourself Off from Them Once and For All (if possible)

This is a very aggressive tactic but it works in case you can easily afford to lose the person in relationship with you. Once you go contact-less for first few months, you start to experience ease and less troubles especially emotionally and spiritually. 

This tactic can only work with your friend and might be difficult to execute in case the energy vampire is your spouse or sibling. For example, if you have a friend whose presence bog you down emotionally and spiritually and you feel disappointed and frustrated after meeting them, you should apply this tactic.  

2-Set Healthy Boundaries

This tactic is less aggressive and more tactful but it takes the right time and a sensible strategy to execute it. It is easier said than done. You should always decide which areas you would not allow the energy vampire to meddle with. For example, if you feel a certain person poses a threat to your well-being as a business person, you should immediately stop discussing business ideas with them or anything related to wealth and career accomplishment. 

3-Lower Your Expectations

This is a very effective tactic that works in most cases. You should lower your expectations and once you do that, you are virtually cutting off their supply line. An energy vampire always wants you to reciprocate to their problems, issues and emotions. Once you lower your expectations about them, you start seeing them in a way they actually are, not how you perceive them to be. 

4-Learn To Say NO

The energy vampires use your good nature against you to their advantage. It includes you being always nice with them and responding and reacting to your emotional needs. Once you deploy the art of saying no to them, you effectively minimize their influence on you. 

5-Be Short and Concise in Discussion

The energy vampires will see their influence upon you diminish once you start disengaging with them by using crisp, short and concise replies to your questions and suggestions. It works to minimize their impact on your own spiritual, mental and physical well-being.


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