Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Surah Naas transliteration, Arabic text & English translation

  Pakrush Admin       Tuesday, July 28, 2020
Here is a simple-to-understand English transliteration of Surah Naas, along with Arabic text and English translation, for those of you who have difficulty learning Quran. 

This Surah Naas transliteration is easy so you can understand it and learn it without any trouble as most of the Muslims living in the west find it hard to learn Quran due to not having basic Arabic language skills.

Arabic Text 

Surah Naas Arabic text


The idea of English transliterations is to help non-Arabic people to pronounce the text as it is originally pronounced. Using the simplest word structure is the key to creating the right transliteration, which can be done in any way possible and as long as the reader is able to pronounce the words, the creator's job is done.

Suran Naas easy transliteration

Surah Naas English translation

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Gain further information and delve deep into what Surah Naas is about. Allah has done us a huge favor by protecting us through this short yet miraculous Surah. 


Thanks for reading Surah Naas transliteration, Arabic text & English translation

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