Thursday, October 29, 2020

Dua for satisfaction in everything, job, marriage, life

  Pakrush Admin       Thursday, October 29, 2020

All satisfaction and contentment comes from Allah Who is the Creator of every big and small thing. If we need constant satisfaction in everything we do, be it work, job, relationships such as marriage (spouse), family and our home, we must value God by trusting Him.

For this, here is a short yet comprehensive dua from Hadith to recite on a regular basis. The supplication has been mentioned in the Arabic text along with English translation.

Dua for satisfaction in Arabic text, English translation


Allahumma qann-na'ni bima razaq tani wa barik li feehi wakhluf alayya kulla ghaaiba tin bikhair

English Translation 

O Allah, make me satisfied with the provision You have given me and bless me in it and appoint good for me in everything which I do not have

Satisfaction is precious and a blessing from God. If one finds contentment and satisfaction in anything they do, they indeed are successful Alhamdulillah in this life and being grateful for it will also attract God's mercy in akhira Insha Allah.

Why recite this supplication

Without having satisfaction in whatever we do or whatever blessings we have, we forget the basic principle of life, which is to acknowledge God's bounty and thank Him. 

Here's why one should recite it:
  • To make the most from God's blessings and favors
  • To find satisfaction in our rizq, work (job, business, etc)
  • To find satisfaction in our offspring, kids and family life
  • To get satisfaction in our marriages, spouse and overall relationship with people
  • To become happy and satisfied with life and give thanks to Allah for this precious blessing. 


Thanks for reading Dua for satisfaction in everything, job, marriage, life

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