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Dealing with a rude boss? Use this dua-wazifa

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Your bossy boss may come across as an employer who is good at getting tasks done at office, but if they start humiliating or pressurising their employees, they have every right to defend and protect themselves. If you are facing such a situation, you need to control your financial life and protect yourself through this powerful dua-wazifa.

Dua for controlling and dealing with a bad boss
Dua-wazifa to protect against angry and rude boss who treats their employees bad
Please be mindful that if you are not working hard at work and are just angry at why your superior critizes you for not achieving targets and work goals, then you should also work on correcting your weakness. But yes, a rude boss does not miss a chance to hurt self-confidence and respect of his/her workers. So, you must figure out your situation and act accordingly. 


  • Step 1) Sit in a comfortable place (before going to office)
  • Step 2 ) Recite the above mentioned dua 3 times 
  • Step 3) Blow on your hands and rub all over body, from head to toe
* If you cannot find time at home to recite it, just recite it in your heart just before you face your boss. Inshallah Allah will keep you safe from humiliation, shame and failure.

Benefits and advantages 

Admit it or not, there are times when things get out of our control and we end up feeling helpless. This is the most important time when we must turn to Allah for our protection. Duas and prayers always work as long as we recite them with complete trust in God and His ability to save us from anger of people who have authority over us. 

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These are some of the common benefits you will gain as you practise this wazifa on a regular basis:
  1. You will be in protection from Allah.
  2. Your mental and emotional condition will remain stable at workplace.
  3. You will gain powerful ideas to speak the right words, act sensibly and remain unhurt from your boss's anger. 
  4. You will develop compassion for your boss as he clearly does not know how negative it is express anger for no reason.
  5. Due to constant protection through this dua, your boss will gradually start liking you. 
  6. Your trust in Allah's power and mercy will continue to grow. 

Why seeking protection from angry boss is crucial

It does not make sense for an employee to destroy their self-respect and continue to put up with abuse at the hands of their boss, just for the sake of earning money. But most of the times, it is not easy to switch jobs and making money on a regular basis is must. In such a situation, you need to properly address this issue and keep your worklife stress-free.

Here are some of the most common dangers of accepting discouragement from employer.

  1. As a result of constant anger being thrown at you, you may start losing your sense of self.
  2. You might consider yourself a failure and unsuccessful person.
  3. Your emotional and mental health can get hurt seriously if you keep coming under fire from your employer.
  4. Receiving bad treatment and feeling threatened for losing job can make you a fearful person.
  5. Some employees end up becoming patients of depression due to non-stop emotional distress at office. 

So, instead of putting up with bad behaviour at workplace, no matter whom it is coming from, start taking your life into your own hands. Your first and foremost weapon is the dua-wazifa we just discussed above. Once you start gaining emotional and spiritual upper hand over your own self and mind, you will start building unshakeable self confidence and powerful self worth. 

Remember this Quran verse:
Indeed Allah will not change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves

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