Thursday, May 4, 2017

Wazifa-Dua for job protection and safety

  Sehrish Khan       Thursday, May 4, 2017
Job security issues can leave an employed person mentally disturbed and sometimes even depressed, but one should not worry at all, as long as they think Allah is all-powerful and His mercy is unlimited. 

This wazifa is extremely powerful when it comes to putting you in a stronger and more stable position as far as your job protection and security is concerned.


1 - Sit in a quite place where there is peace and no noise
2 - Recite Surah Faitha three times as a thanks to Allah for allowing you to make job safety request 
3 - Recite the below-mentioned Quran verse 300 times after fajr and asr salah (keep your dua/desire in your mind during this time)
Best wazifa dua for job protection and security

Innallaha huar-razzaqu zul quwwatil mateen

4 - Recite Surah Fatiha three times once again as thanks to Allah for helping you turn to Him for your need. 
5 - Repeat this wazifa for 11 days 

Transliteration of this Quran verse:

Innallaha huar-razzaqu zul quwwatil mateen

If you have found a new job, you are particularly worried about how to maintain good relations with your coworkers and your employer as it is natural. Sadly, office politics is common at workplaces and this is what puts sincere workers in a tight spot. 

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I am one hundred sure if you stick to this wazifa dua and practice it on a regular basis, your work life will get better and better by the day. Don't let office politics derail you and hurt your job safety as your most powerful arsenal is reliance on Lord.

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In order to get faster and solid results, please be mindful about these points:

1. One-hundred-percent faith: 

You must have one hundred belief and trust in Allah's ability to give you job safety and more employment opportunities

2. Patience: 

You must have patience as doubting and question about how long it takes and how Allah will do it can undo the results.

3. Avoid ingratitude (ungratefulness/nashukri/ignoring the favours of Allah): 

Start giving thanks to Allah for every single blessing, especially favours and things related to your job. For example, the money you receive, good people at your workplace who give you support, the person who brought you this job opportunity, the relief you get in the form of food you consume every day. 


Thanks for reading Wazifa-Dua for job protection and safety

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