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15 Signs You Are A Born Spiritual Healer

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Do you ever wonder how easy it is for you to get your prayers accepted? Whenever you pray for somebody, their problems get solved. You must be a compassionate person and have greater unexplored healing abilities without even knowing it. Such people are often the born healers and all they need is a bit of effort to turn their "healing switch" on and make a better and spiritually healthy world around them. 

Who is a Spiritual Healer? 

A spiritual healer is somebody who heals problems related to spirit, mind and unseen aspect of our lives. These problems are spiritual in nature and not everyone can diagnose and detect these issues and problems. A spiritual healer is someone who transcends the physical realm and retrieves information related to spiritual disease/sickness and heals that.  They often use energy healing, channelling and other methods to bring about healing. 

They come up with solutions to spiritual and mental problems using their instincts and intuition and clear out the negative energies from a patient's aura. Spiritual healing is an interesting modality and the authenticity of these methods is apparent if you study spirituality in depth. 

There are many signs that prove you are a born spiritual healer with innate capacity and the ability to heal people and yourself. We will write about 15 signs that show whether or not you have this spiritual gift. 

1-You Care About People And Everything Around You

You are an overly caring person and have empathy and compassion for people related to you as well as complete strangers. You have nothing but love and peace to offer to anybody even those who have hurt you emotionally at some point in time. 

2-Penchant For Harmony

You always look for harmony and peace within your physical, spiritual, and emotional environment. You do not want a conflict with anyone. Instead, you tend to reconcile and come to terms with the situations, people and circumstances that are hurting or upsetting you emotionally.  You also try to mediate and solve the problems facing others: your relatives, friends and family. 

3-Love For Seclusion

You are somebody who loves to stay away from crowded places and events. You always spend quality time alone and are an introvert and profound thinker.

4-Knife-Edged Observation Skills

You have extraordinary observation skills. You observe and notice everything happening around you without getting emotionally involved and consumed. 

5- You Love Presence Of Mind 

You like to live in present and do not brood over the past and future as such. You are always fascinated by that spiritual idea of "the presence of mind."

6- Psychic Abilities

You have inborn psychic abilities. You can sense aura and energy fields around you. You often see dreams that manifest actually in real life a couple of days or months late. You have that gift of predicting the future almost accurately at times.  You judge accurately other people's intentions and energy fields. 

7- You Are Friendly

You like to befriend people and animals as well. You are quite sociable in the sense that whoever communicates with you becomes your friend. 

8- Inclination For These Professions

You have great inclination and interest in professions that mostly involve helping others eg: nurse, a social worker, psychologist and vet. 

9- Need To Keep You Aura Clean

You feel the urge to clean your aura and energy field after you have interacted with people socially at the workplace, college or business meeting.  You understand the importance of guarding your aura. 

10- You Are an Old Soul

You are an old soul without knowing it. You feel more mature and sensible than your peers, colleagues, relatives family. Whether or not, you are an old soul. We have covered the symptoms, traits and signs of being an old soul in a separate post. Give that a read if you want to know more about your soul age. 

11- You Become Wary of Manipulative People

When you are young, you are the first to help everybody around you. However, you become wary of manipulative people as you grow in age and maturity. This does not mean that you become reluctant to help others. You just want to help the most deserving people around you and not waste time and energy on those who have surrounded you with ulterior motives. 

12- You Love Nature

You are a nature-friendly and loving person. You love to visit natural landscape and do not waste in trivial activities like taking pictures and engaging in discussion with others. You use your time in nature as a great recluse into your soul and life. You usually go to natural landscapes alone. 

13- You Are Broad-Minded

You are a broad-minded person and appreciate other healing methods. You take interest in natural healing modalities and do not brand ancient healing as hocus pocus. 

14- You Think Differently

You are not the one to ride on the bandwagon of the modern-day. You like to have your strong opinions and judgments just about everything. 

15- Spiritual Lens

You see the world through a spiritual viewpoint. You do not agree with the common interpretations that are merely physical and superficial in nature. You see the individual and communities' problems in spiritual vein. 

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