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15 Tell-Tale Signs You Are An Old Soul

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Do you feel you are an old soul despite being young and youthful physically? You do not enjoy the company of people younger or similar to your age or the people who always petty things to worry and gossip about.  It is virtually impossible to prove that you are an old or young soul in a purely scientific manner but this is something that relates to spirituality and should be understood in that vein.  We all have met or known some people who are light years ahead of their age and peer groups. This kind of people may be characterized as old souls. 
Sings and how to know you are old soul

However, in spirituality, this phenomenon is not new. The concept of old/young souls is as ancient as human history.  We all have souls attached to our physical bodies and the age of our soul can be less or more regardless of our physical body age. There is a stark difference between young and old souls. Young souls tend to be foolish, childlike and prone to inexperience while the old souls are more serious, meditative, and well-tempered.  Anger, greed, jealousy, and irrationality have nothing to do with the old souls. The young souls attract problems, issues and challenges in their lives while the old ones resolve and come to terms with them. 

1) You do not enjoy people’s company

Old souls love their own company

Old souls tend to be lonely and they do not enjoy the company of the people. They have fewer friends and a little social circle. They do not even want to have an acquaintance with the people who are well below their mental and intellectual level. They stay away from typical youth activities such as going out for fun and wasting their time in gossips and things that hold no significant meaning and purpose to their lives. 

2) You share your opinions with like-minded people

Old souls are strongly opinionated but they do not express their opinions or views with everybody. They like to keep it to themselves.  They are soft-spoken and only speak when in the company of the like-minded people. 

3) People have a hard time understanding you

Old souls, due to their being inexpressive and open, often get misunderstood about the people who seldom know them. The people around them have different views about them and almost of all of them are far from being true. 

4) You do not seek people’s approval

Unlike young people, they do not jump to doing things or conclusions. They like to stay on the sidelines and do not seek appreciation or approval from people. They do not need that because they have come a long way in their lives spiritually. 

5) You have a solid worldview

Old souls have a solid and unwavering world view: about people, about ideologies, about economic and political systems. Young souls often tend to accept what they are fed by the higher echelons of society. Old souls know for sure that all we are told in school, colleges, media and societies is not to be taken as true. 

6) You love to mix with people who are older than you 

If an old soul resides in the young body, they would stay away from the people with their own age. Their level of consciousness and intellect is ahead of them. They befriend old people: the ones who have more experience and knowledge about the world.

7) You are not obsessed with sensual pleasures 

The actions of young souls and teens generally frustrate and disappoint the old souls. The old souls know the consequences of things these young souls are obsessed with. However, they are not empathetic towards nor do they want to teach them. They know experience is the best teacher and these young souls will eventually learn their lessons the hard way. 

8) You handle relationships and financial matters well 

Old souls are very prudent in every aspect of the lives: finances, relationships and future planning. They like to save money and invest it in ways that can pay off well in the later years of their life. They are neither spendthrift nor miser. They know how to strike a perfect balance between these two extremes that do not benefit them. 

9) You are sensitive toward life and people

They are generally sensitive towards life and people.  They are both sympathetic and empathetic but do not reveal it to the people they are dealing with or are in a relationship with.  They can sense positive and negative energy from the people. 

10) You struggle with maintaining friendships

Since old souls are mature and way more considerate than the general public, they find it hard to make long-lasting friends.  They struggle with making and maintaining new friendships especially when the people they are befriending are young souls or immature in any aspect of life. 

11) You have a cautious approach to life

Since old souls have come a long in their lives, they know what the right decision, advice and judgement should be concerning any matter. They foresee the consequences of the wrong decisions and actions and warn others with well-grounded and experience-backed advice. But the young souls do not prefer simple advice and they always learn the hard way. 

12) You premeditate before taking actions 

Old souls do not jump to action without much thought and pre-meditation. They like to think through it all and take time: sometimes months before arriving at any particular decision in life. They do not rely on their whims. 

13) You avoid people who are opinionated

Old souls are not very fond of the authority or someone dishing out lessons or piece of advice to them. They know it all through experience and only listen to the authoritative figures such as parents, teachers, presidents, prime ministers, leaders and bosses to the extent that is necessary. 

14) You are realistic about situations and people

Old souls have a great penchant for separating the truth from fiction. They listen to other people advice, take the best parts, and weed out the insignificant part.  They know everyone is not 100 percent correct and only like to listen and appreciate the bits that are valuable. 

15) You love to learn new things

Old souls love learning new things. Books are their best friends and they learn from the experiences of others without learning the hard way themselves.  They do not adore the idea of learning through experimenting because they are have gone through a lot in their lives already.  


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