Friday, August 16, 2019

Dua-wazifa to remove pain in any part of body

  Sehrish Khan       Friday, August 16, 2019
Bodily pain can sometimes be harder than you can handle it as it not only keeps you from doing day-to-day activities, but also makes it difficult for you to offer prayers and perform deeds instructed by God. In order to bring us relief in the form removal of pain, Prophet Mohammad SAW has taught us a very beautiful dua. You can recite this as a wazifa or ruqya as well.
Dua for pain relief in any part of body
People mostly recite this dua for pain relief in these body parts and areas: Eyes, throat, ears, headache, nose, teeth, jaw, hands and legs, knees, ankles and feet, bladder, breasts and chest, bones, stomach, kidney, sciatica, hemorrhoid, liver, lungs 

Listen to the dua

If you are not good at reading Atabic text and find it hard to pronounce, you can listen to the recitation and follow the reciter. Transliterations are a good way to enable a reader to recite duas, but there are times when you just don't feel like moving your tongue and spending mental energy. In such cases, your best bet is to put on your headphones and start listening to the supplication.


Prophet Mohammad SAW has done us huge favors not just for our akhira, but also for our worldly affairs, and physical relief from pain is one of the them. Let's be grateful and do our best to use this dua and wazifa to give ourselves relief by God's will. 

All you have to do is follow these simple steps recommended in a Sahi Muslim Hadith:
  1. Place your hand on the part of your body where you are feeling pain
  2. Say "bismillah" 3 times
  3. Say the above-mentioned dua 7 times
As mentioned above, this dua is not limited to certain parts of your body as it can be recited for any type of physical aches due to a number of causes as cramps, wounds, fatigue/exhaustion/overwork, gas, etc.

Here are some of the most common body areas for which people usually practise this dua-wazifa (but the list is not limited):
  • Eyes 
  • Headache 
  • Throat
  • Ears
  • Nose 
  • Teeth 
  • Jaw
  • Hands, arms and shoulders
  • Legs and knees 
  • Back pain 
  • Ankle and feet 
  • Breasts pain: Mothers who breastfeed their babies have pain in early days of their newborn child. It usually happens with the first child. However, if the pain is not related to feeding or nursing, you should seek medical advice as well. 
  • Bones 
  • Stomach and abdominal pain 
  • Kidney
  • Bladder

How to make this dua-wazifa benefit you?

Your belief in Allah and His powers will play a major role in the removal of pain as Allah acts and operates mainly according to our guman (our perception of Allah and His capabilities). 

Impatience, fear and doubts block our duas

When we pray to Allah for pain relief with a doubtful mind and weak faith, our duas don't make much difference and that is why we pay more and more attention to physical remedies as the absolute realities. Medicines are tool and Allah It happens because we haven't figured out Allah and how His creation (medicines, treatments etc) works. 

Give thanks 

Thank Allah that He has not grown this pain to the point where it would make life hard for you. Allah could have increased this pain so much that you would not be able to even open this website's link and read this dua. Allah could stopped our heartbeat all together without any obvious physical problem. The point I am trying to make here is that we must start thanking Allah in a big way from today. 

Thanks for reading Dua-wazifa to remove pain in any part of body

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  1. may allah forgive us and protect as from any illness and danger amen

  2. amen may allah portect us from this evilnes stuff in are bodyies amen

  3. the pain in our bodyies


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