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Ayat karima miracle wazifa for money, rizq, business & job

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Our mistakes, wrong decisions, weaknesses can get us in financial troubles and eventually result in a money-supply shortage, but God is kind enough to allow us chances to change our situation and rebuild a strong financial life.  

Although there can be a number of reasons behind every money problem, your main focus should be on getting it fixed and start receiving steady stream of income on a regular basis so you don't have to struggle paying for expenses, luxuries and meeting your material needs. 

Ayat e karima wazifa amal for money, business, job, wealth & rizq


  1. Recite 313 times "La ilaha illa anta Subhaanaka inni kuntu minaz zalimeen" after every Isha salah (prayer). 
  2. Be in wudu during your amal. 
  3. After completing ayat e karima, recite Durud Shareef one time 
  4. Now make sincere dua to Allah for your problem in your own language (Urdu, Hindi English etc.)
  5. Recite Durud Shareef one time again
For faster results:

In addition to the proper wazifa that you will do after every Isha salah, try to recite these ayats with its meaning in your mind as often as you can. For instance, you can recite it 200 times after every salah. When you are sitting idle, start reciting it with a sincere heart. This will fasten your result Inshallah. However, the session after Isha will remain the same (313 times with wudu and durood and dua). This will fasten your result Inshallah

When you do this wazifa (amal, dua), you need to change your mindset too. Our problems and situations are our own responsibility. So...

Stop blaming & making excuses:
  • Stop defending yourself and your mistakes (Allah knows us well)
  • Stop making excuses for your current financial position.
  • Stop blaming people and situations for business or money problems
  • Stop blaming luck 
  • Stop blaming Satan, jinns and black magicians - if they are involved, Allah will deal with them (just focus on making dua e Yunus AS)
  • Stop blaming jealous people in your friends, relatives and family
  • Stop blaming your own self & its weaknesses (don't waste time in self-blame, leave things to Allah) 
  • Stop blaming the economy 
  • Stop blaming your skills 
  • Stop blaming your education 

Don't complain & worry:
  • Don't complain about anything - just stick to Ayat e karima
  • Don't worry about why it's taking too long for your business and money to come 
  • Don't worry about people and their thinking & opinions
  • Don't worry about the consequences. You are making astaghfar. Nothing can harm you because Allah promises His help to those who turn to Him

  • Forgive your parents 
  • Forgive your family (spouse, kids, siblings)
  • Forgive relatives and friends 
  • Forgive those who hurt you 
  • Forgive those who made fun of you 
  • Forgive those who feel jealous of you
  • Forgive those who disappoint you
  • Forgive those who don't come up to your expectations
  • Forgive those who have ever cursed you
  • Forgive the government, your country & the whole world
  • Forgive yourself 

You should do it 

You should rely on Ayat e Karima if you:
  • Want your rizq to increase and have barakah (barkat) in it 
  • Want all kinds of money blockages resolved 
  • Want to buy a new house, a new car or other necessities and luxuries
  • Want to progress in job or need promotion and salary increment
  • Want success in job interview and get hired by your potential employer
  • When opening a new business
  • Want your existing business to run smoothly and increase its earnings
  • Want to travel the world, see new places for recreation and adventure

Thanks for reading Ayat karima miracle wazifa for money, rizq, business & job

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