Thursday, May 4, 2017

Surah Qadr English transliteration

  Sehrish Khan       Thursday, May 4, 2017
Any easy-to-learn Surah Qadr English transliteration.

General information about the Surah:

Meaning of Qadr                           : Power, Destiny, fate
How many verses (ayat)                : five (5)
Where was it revealed                   : Mecca
What paara number                      : Amma - 30th para


"Inna anzalnahu fi lailatil qadr
Wama adraaka maa lailatul qadr
Lailatul qadri khairum-min alfi shahr
Tanaz-za-lul malaa-ikatu warr-roohu feeha be-izni rab-bihim min kulli amr
Salamun hia hatta matla-il fajr"

Please note that the English transliteration of Surah Qadr is only intended for giving you an idea of how Arabic pronunciation is done so that you will have no difficulty memorising it. I suggest you also listen to recitation so you will learn it real quicker.

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