Sunday, July 16, 2017

Dua-wazifa for success in anything - every task

  Sehrish Khan       Sunday, July 16, 2017
Whether you are troubled by money problems or you are worried about finding the right spouse for yourself or for anyone (from your family), putting all your trust in Allah is the way to remain successful -- both in this world and hereafter.
This wazifa-dua will inshallah give you success in everything, if done according to what's instructed here.
Dua for success in life, business, job, career, studies, marriage
Most popular tasks and affairs Muslims recite dua for include life, operation, business, job promotions and interviews, marriage, education and exams, visa application, mortgage

Method for wazifa:

  • Step 1) Sit in a quiet place where there is no disturbance
  • Step 2) Decide what you want from Allah. Be very clear about what you want. Now keep your hajat in your mind throughout the wazifa.
  • Step 3) Recite Surah Fatiha three time 
  • Step 4) Recite this dua 700 times

Wazifa for success in everything

  • Step 5) Recite Surah Fatiha three times once again as thanks to Allah once again for allowing you to do this wazifa for success in your goal/wish/dua.
  • Continue this for 21 days straight without any gap. 

Do this wazifa after fajr prayer. If you are not able to do the wazifa after fajr, you can do it after Asr salah.

For hundred percent results:

  1. Have complete faith in Allah that your wish will be fulfilled and you will be successful in your goal (whatever it is)
  2. Keep patience as shaitan loves to distract your focus and create doubts in your mind. Whenever doubts try to enter your mind, say Auzu billahi min-ashaitanir-rajeem" or "Innallaha ma'asaabireen"
  3. Try your best to avoid sins as it angers Allah and takes away His mercy from us.
  4. Do astaghfar as often as you can (as you never know some of your past mistakes/sins have blocked your success)
  5. Start giving thanks to Allah for every single blessing He has given you.

Success of this dua (or any dua)
The success of any dua largely depends on how much trust and belief you put in Allah (His abilities, His mercy and His power) as well as how much thankful you are after receiving that gift or fulfilment of the dua-prayer. Many times, people forget Allah and stop thanking Him as soon as their duas are answered - something Allah does not like and He has talked about this negative human behaviour in Quran in a number of verses. 


Thanks for reading Dua-wazifa for success in anything - every task

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  1. Every dua and recitation has its own significance and they make you feel neared to Allah. However, there are some that appeal you the most and you love saying them again and again. One of such daily life recitations for me is the Dua when Feeling annoyed or stressed. Islam


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