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Immense blessings & virtues of suhur /sehri in Hadiths

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The meal consumed before dawn or fajr prayer with the intention of fasting is called Suhur or Sehri (in Persian/Urdu languages). 

In the blessed month of Ramadan, the significance of Suhur gets even more highlighted. Having Suhur not only gives physical (bodily) benefits but also unlimited spiritual blessings that our mind cannot comprehend. 

Before we discuss the benefits, blessings and virtues, it is important to note that Suhur is not compulsory. 

Although not fard or compulsory, Suhur's importance has been highlighted by Prophet Mohammad ﷺ Himself in many of His Hadiths:

Blessings, virtues and significance of Suhur Sehri

Countless blessings 

“Take  Suhur as there is a blessing in it” [Sahi Bukhari 1923]

In another Hadith, the Messenger of Allah ﷺ said:

"Taking the pre-dawn meal in Ramadan is a blessing, so do not leave it, even by drinking a mouthful of water. For Allah, the Noble and the Mighty, and His angels send blessing over those who have taken the pre-dawn meal" [Ahmad]

The Prophet ﷺ said: There is blessing in three: The jama'ah [the congregation of the Muslims], the tharid [a broth of crumbled bread and meat] and the suhur." [Recorded by At Tabarani & Abu Nu'aym]

The Prophet also said: It is a blessing which Allah has given to you, so do not leave it." [Ahmad & An Nisai]

Prophet Mohammad , on one occasion, said: “Come to the blessed morning meal." [Ahmad, An-Nisai, Abu Dawud]

Virtue & Significance of Suhur 

The Messenger of Allah () said, "The difference between our observance of Saum (fasting) and that of the people of the Scriptures is Suhur (predawn meal in Ramadan)." [Riyad As Saliheen 1232]

Important Duas for Ramadan

* Dua to keep fast (dua for Suhur / sehri)

* Dua to open / break your fast

* Dua to recite after you have had your Iftar


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