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Fard, Wajib Meaning and Explanation

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The word 'Fard' refers to a rule that must or must be followed. "Fard" refers to Islamic shariah rules and regulations that have been unquestionably established as mandatory and inviolable by the Holy Qur'an and Sunnah (as found in all major books of Hadith) and are therefore unassailably binding on all Muslims. 

Under no circumstances can a Fard be violated. If you deny your faith (Iman), you lose it, and if you are dismissed, you become a Kafir (disbeliever). It is the first sign of sin if somebody doesn't observe it. Fards are divided into two types:

Fard Ain 

These are mandatory and compulsory regulations that must be maintained. These actions shall be carried out collectively (5 times to Muslim men inside the mosque offering Salah) or individually by all Muslims (Fasting in Ramadan).

Fard Kifaya

These are compulsory duties shared by a group of Muslims in a community. If
done properly, all Muslims present, even when not physically present, will be accepted. However, all Muslims in society or community are considered to be sinners and collectively guilty, if any group fails to do so. For example, perform the funeral prayer of a Muslim.


Islamic Shariah states that Wajib duties are placed next to Fards. These are almost the same as Fards. You are not a kafir by denying or rejecting wajib. However, you make a serious mistake by rejecting them. Two Eid salahs and a Witr salah, for example.


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