Monday, March 29, 2021

A powerful dua to welcome Ramadan

  Pakrush Admin       Monday, March 29, 2021

Welcoming Ramadan is about making a sincere resolution to get closer to God this month---receive His mercy, forgiveness, peace and success both for dunya and akhirah. 

Here is a concise dua you can recite to welcome Ramadan as you prepare for this holy month. 

Dua prayer to welcome Ramadan in Arabic


Allahumma ahilla alaina shahra ramadana bil amni wal iman. Wass-salamati wal islam, wat-taufeeqi lima tuhibbu wa tarda, Ya zal jalali walk ikram

English translation 

O Allah, please cause this month of Ramadan to carry with it security and faith, safety and Islam for us, and enable us to do deeds that you like and accept, O the Owner of majesty and honor.

Listen to the dua and learn it

The coming Ramadan 2022 brings with it new possibilities. Possibilities for both spiritual and material growth, possibilities for repentance and forgiveness, for rewards and eternal bliss & success.

So, let's stick to duas and supplications so that we can stay on track throughout the blessed month.


Thanks for reading A powerful dua to welcome Ramadan

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