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9 Things You Should Avoid In Ramadan

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Ramadan is one of the holiest and special months of Islamic calendar year. It marks significance in believer's routine and offers an opportunity to ask Allah for forgiveness/blessings and engage in charitable activities aimed at improving the lives of less privileged Muslim brothers and sisters. 

The ideal goal for every Muslim in Ramadan should be to overcome their weaknesses in personality & character by fasting, prayers, and offering help (both financial and emotional) support to fellow Muslims.  There are certain things that we should all try to avoid doing in Ramadan. 

Avoid backbiting, lying, swearing, music, anger in Ramadan and during fast
There are many things and acts we should avoid in Ramadan and during fast as some of them may include backbiting, lying, swearing or anger

1) Sleeping All Day

It has been observed that a large number of Muslims, especially young ones (college-going or the unemployed) spend their fasts while sleeping most of the day. 

Some go to sleep at morning and wake up an hour before Iftaar. This allows them to avoid going through the stage of hunger and thirst. The purpose of fasting is not to sleep all day or it kills its spirit which is: understand how it feels to spend most of your day without drinking/eating. 

This is the number one thing that many Muslims, especially youth, must avoid. If you don't have many responsibilities, your Ramadan days can be spent by engaging in positive activities such as reading/learning Quran, or watching Islamic programs on different topics either on Youtube or read books. 

2) Delaying Prayers or Not Offering At All While Fasting

Many Muslims keep fast but they fail to pray on time during the day. They are either busy at work or are sleeping. Salah is mandatory prayer for every Muslim in and outside of Ramadan. Ramadan offers great virtues for mandatory prayers and we should consider it as a bonus and pray on time. For male Muslims, they should offer it in Masjid while females should ensure that they do it at homes on time.

3) Foul Language / Swearing

Swearing or foul language is so rampant these days that it is hard for some Muslims to avoid it. Ramadan is the best time to break the habit of swearing. Controlling your tongue is the key.

Prophet Mohammad ﷺ said: "Most of your sins are because of your tongue." [ Al Tabarani]

4) Lying

Lying may not be a visible act that can expose you in public, but it is more dangerous than we think.

Prophet Mohammad ﷺ says: "Be ware of lying, for lying leads to wickedness and wickedness leads to Hell" [Bukhari 6094] 

The dangers of lying and false speech can be imagined by paying attention to another Hadith:

Prophet Mohammad ﷺ said: "Whoever does not give up false speech (i.e. telling lies) and evil deeds and speaking bad words to others, Allah does not need his (fast) leaving his food & drink." 

5) Backbiting

Another seemingly entertaining but dangerous act is backbiting. Sadly, many of us are into the habit of backbiting that is often done in the form of gossiping.

Prophet Mohammad ﷺ has said: "A backbiter will not enter paradise" [Bukhari 6056]

6) Anger

Anger is the root of many evils which is why it is prohibited in Islam.  Controlling anger should be the priority for Muslims who have anger management issues. Anger often ensues foul language.  Prophet Mohammad ﷺ has said: 

Fasting is a shield, so the one who fasts should avoid obscene speech and ignorant behavior. If someone abuses him or starts to fight with him, he should reply by saying: I am fasting, I am fasting.” (Bukhari)

7) Staring at non-mahram (male or female)

Lowering your gaze is a Quranic instruction that must be followed at all times, but in the month of Ramadan, it becomes even more important. 

Avoid going to crowded places without any reason. The places where it is hard to avoid eye contact with non-mahram, learn to shift your focus (mind's eye) to something else or start remembering Allah (dhikr). Allah has given human mind such capabilities and mental faculties that can enable us to follow any instruction.

8) Spending time on useless activities

Activities that don't add value to your spiritual health, awareness and physical/material well-being must be avoided. Some of the activities may include watching movies, gossiping, and other forms of entertainment that not only waste time but also corrupt your soul. 

9) Music 

Say no to songs and music during Ramadan. Instead, listen to the Quran and understand what it teaches us. 

Practice Gratitude and Repentance

Ramadan is the best time for us to do soul searching and thank Allah for His blessings bestowed upon us. Asking Allah to forgive our sins as well as counting His blessings is a perfect recipe for every Muslim. It will bring positive changes in our lives as a Muslim. 


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