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5 Tips for Effective Online Quran Learning

  Pakrush Admin       Thursday, February 4, 2021

While online Quran learning brings all the convenience and flexibility, it also tags along with some challenges. Not taking any steps to overcome these challenges can seriously damage your learning curve. 

Being an online Quran tutor for the last five years and having taught students of all age groups, I am well aware of these challenges and know how to beat them. 

So here I am to share five useful tips that will make online Quran learning more effective and help online Quran learners get the best out of their Quran classes.

how to learn Quran onlin easy & fast
Here are five actionable steps to learning Quran online faster and easier

1. Create a dedicated study space

One of the key challenges in online learning is distractions. You are vulnerable to all kinds of inside and outside distractions that will seriously affect your learning.

The best way to avoid distractions is to reserve yourself a quiet and secluded space at home to take online Quran lessons. Your learning space should not be the same as where you watch TV or eat dinner. 

Instruct your family members not to disturb you for anything while you are in your session. If possible, turn off your cell phone and log out from your social media accounts to avoid unknown interruptions from your friends.

2. Schedule study time on your calendar

A key advantage of learning Quran online is time flexibility. You can schedule your classes or watch lectures anytime you want. On the flip side, however, it’s also easy to forget your learning time and miss your session as there is no one to monitor you and you don’t have to face penalties of any kind.

Put your schedule on your calendar and get it emailed to you or put an alarm on your Quran learning time so that it reminds you. It will help ensure that you take every class on time.

Remember, regularity is the key to learning Quran online fast.

3. Actively take notes

One of my observations about students who learn Quran online is that they often take their Quran reading mistakes for granted. This causes them to repeat the mistakes over and over again. It’s common to make mistakes and that’s completely fine. The problem arises when you don’t correct them.

The best practice is to note down all the mistakes pointed out during each session and work on them during your practice session in or after the class. Also, don’t assume that you have understood everything and there is no need to take notes. Note down all important points particularly Tajweed rules for future reference. I have found students who take notes and correct their mistakes learning Quran much faster and better.

4. Participate in the class

Research has shown that students who actively participate in class learn better and faster than those who are just silent listeners. For effective online Quran learning, it’s important to ask questions and discuss topics. This will greatly expedite your Quran learning process.

Don’t shy away from asking anything that you are unclear about. Complete your assignments and ask your tutor to take quizzes and tests regularly.

5. Take one Quran course at a time

There are many online Quran courses you can take. Take the one according to your current level and don’t make the mistake of registering for multiple courses at a time. This is the request many students make but I always tell them to take one course at a time so that they can fully focus on it.

For example, if you are a beginner, you should begin with the Noorani Qaida to learn the basics.

If you want to improve your recitation, go for the Tajweed course. Similarly, if you wish to memorize the Quran, go for a memorization program only. Trying to learn memorization and Tafseer at once will make it hard for you to focus on either one.


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