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10 acts that promise huge rewards in Ramadan

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Ramadan comes and brings us countless rewards and opportunities to capitalize on. Here are the prominent acts and deeds during Ramadan that promise us multiplied rewards. 

Let's thank Allah for creating the blessed month and blessing us with so many rewards within the span of these 30 days. 

Here are the acts that Muslims do in Ramadan reap maximum rewards:

1) Fasting 

Fasting during the month of Ramadan has immense rewards Alhamdulillah. It's uplifting that Muslims, whether healthy, weak, rich or poor, adhere to fasting with sincerity, appreciation and enthusiasm.

  • Rewards of fasting during Ramadan are so heavy and huge that only Allah can weigh them and only He can give recompense for it.
  • Those who fast will be allowed to enter a special gate in the Paradise called "Ar Rayyan." No one can enter this gate except for those who fast.
  • Those who fast will be among the true followers of prophets AS and among the martyrs. 

2) Charity & zakat

Giving charity is a great deed in the eyes of Allah, and its rewards increase manifold during Ramadan.

Prophet Mohammad ﷺ would give charity to the deserved persons all year round, but during Ramadan, He ﷺ would increase His charity. 
  • Giving charity during Ramadan brings 70 times more rewards like pleasure of Allah, protection from calamities and harm.
  • Giving zakat in Ramadan can give us 70 times more rewards. 
Note: Please note that it is not obligatory to give zakat only in Ramadan. There's no certain timeframe for zakat. It can be given any time of the year.

3) Reading Quran 

There are immense rewards for reading Quran during the month of Ramadan.
  • In ordinary days (outside Ramadan), reciting a letter of the Quran gives 10 rewards
  • In Ramadan, we get 700 rewards for reading each letter of the Quran Alhamdulillah. 

4) Giving Iftar to others

  • Someone who gives iftar to others gets the same rewards as the person who fasts.
  • Angels pray for such persons
  • According to a Hadith: And whoever gave (in Ramadan), a person who fasted, water to drink, Allah shall grant that giver a drink from my fountain, such a drink where after that person shall never again feel thirsty until he enters the garden (Jannah)" [Ibn Khuzaimah] 

5) Having Suhoor (Sehri)

Prophet Mohammad ﷺ said regarding the rewards of Suhur: "Take Suhoor, as there is a blessing in it."

6) Offering taraweeh prayer

There are unimaginable rewards for offering taraweeh prayer in Ramadan:
  • All past sins are forgiven
  • Rewards of Qiyam al Layl (tahajjud)

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7) Witnessing Laylatul Qadr 

Laylatul Qadr has countless rewards for those who witness it and worship in it with sincerity.

  • Any good deed or a good act done on Laylatul Qadr is the equivalent to if you had performed that one act for a thousand months (83 years). So regardless of what good act you do in this particular night, be it salah, repentance, shukr, charity, Quran reading, you will get rewards equivalent to a 1000 months. Alhamdulillah.

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8) Reward for the 1st ashra

The first ashra of Ramadan brings us rewards in the form of God's mercy

9) Reward for the 2nd ashra 

The 2nd ashra brings us forgiveness of Allah (maghfirah). So, it is important to get our past  records and sins cleaned.

10 Reward for the 3rd ashra

The 3rd ashra gives us reward in the form of protection from hellfire (nijat and permanent success in life after death)


Thanks for reading 10 acts that promise huge rewards in Ramadan

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