Sunday, June 18, 2017

Quran verses about spending money (sadaqah and charity)

Quran verses on sadaqah/charity and spending money on poor/needy/people in general: In Islam, there is a lot of emphasis on spending money on people who are in need and who don't have financial support to easily afford basic necessities of life. Sadaqah is mentioned in Quran multiple times.

These Quran verses about charity and sadaqah are also mentioned in Arabic text:

1) Surah Al-Anfal: Verse No. 60 (Chapter#8)

English Transliteration:  Wama tunfiqu min shai-in fee sabeelil-laahi yu-waf-fa ilaikum wa-antum la tuzlamoon

2: Surah Al-Tawba: Verse No. 103 (Chapter # 9)

English Transliteration: Alam Ya'lamu annal-laaha hua yaqbalut-taubata ann ibaadihi waya'khuzus-sadaqaati wa-annallaha huat-tawwabur-raheem. 

Saqadah and charity is mentioned in Quran as a separate subject compared with Zakat, which is obligatory.

The most glaring aspect of spending money on people who are in need and the poor is that Allah doubles its reward (both in this world and akhirah) as Allah has mentioned it in a Quran verse.

There are a number of do's and don'ts regarding giving charity in Islam, which have been covered in a separate post. 

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