Friday, November 16, 2018

Nine illegal/Haram income sources mentioned in Quran

What are some of the well-known illegal money or haram income source in Islam? Allah has given us clear guidelines for making money by telling what ways are illegal and must be avoided at all costs. Quran has mentioned 9 illegal sources that we must pay attention to in order to keep our income halal and accepted by God. 

1) Bribery and consuming other people's money/wealth unjustly (corruption)  - [Surah Al Baqarah verse number 188]

2) Making and selling of idols - [Surah Al Maida verse number 90]

3) Intoxicants (wine making, its selling and shipping included)  - [Surah Al Maida verse number 90]

4) Stealing/theft - [Surah Al Maida verse number 38]

5) Giving less than due when measuring and selling - [Surah Al Mutaffifin verses 1-3]

6) Consuming orphans' wealth/properties/money - [Surah Al Nisa verse 2]

7) Gambling (betting) - [Al Maida verse 90]

8) Businesses/services that promote nudity and immorality - [Surah Nur verse 19]

9) Income from interest and usury (riba) - [Al Baqarah verse number 275]

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