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3 common but destructive human behaviours in Quran

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When we make mistakes or sins, our internal guidance system tells us that there is something to be fixed and we repent or at least show concern to cleanse our soul. But Satan doesn't rest and comes to trap us through our own personality traits and behaviours that we usually take lightly.

Quran mentions some common yet dangerous personality characteristics that Allah does not like and they must be avoided at all costs.

1) Pride and Arrogance 

pride in Quran verses

This is one of the most common, yet the most deadliest of all sins. The act that turned Iblees into Satan, according to the Quran, was pride and boastfulness, after he opposed Allah's decision to bow down to Adam AS. God wanted Iblis to prostrate but he refused and claimed with pride that he was better than Adam AS because he was created from fire.
Arrogance in Quran verses
Quran verse: Allah does not like boastful. Photo credit

Arrogance and pride is based on self-delusion. Self delusion comes from lack of awareness about one's own self. If we look at ourselves, we come to the conclusion that we are tiny little creatures who are confined by strict physical and spiritual laws that Allah has created. We did not even create ourselves but we unrealistically think that we are entitled to good things that happen to us.

Our entitlement mindset creates false perceptions about ourselves and we start assuming that we deserve to be praised, loved, respected and acknowledged by others. And when we don't receive it from others, we end up committing more sins such as abusing, hurting the feelings of others, ill-will, anger and so on.

Islam hasn't left us in the dark when it comes to fixing our bad habits. The easiest way to deal with pride and arrogance in Islam is to remember death as often as we can. Another powerful remedy to ending boastfulness is to nurture gratitude (shukr) in our life. 

2) Miserliness

Being stingy is another common but dangerous trait that Allah has specifically mentioned in the Quran, warning us to stay away from it if we want His love.
Miserliness in Quran
Quran on being stingy and punishment. Surah Al Nisa verse 37

The verse from Surah Al Nisa says that Allah not only dislikes the miserly person but also those who encourage others to be like them. This negative characteristic is responsible for several sins as those who hate to spend their wealth are actually those who prefer the love of the world to the love of Allah and akhirah.

The effects of stinginess are many but one thing is certain that they all attract anger of Allah. These people not only avoid spending in the way of Allah, but also end up robbing their family and people of their rights. So such a person commits a sin regarding the rights of Allah and the rights of humans.

Human rights have been specifically mentioned in Surah Nisa and the above mentioned verse about miserliness is also an evidence why Allah does not like this behaviour in a Muslim.

3) Showing off wealth

Spending money in order to show off or impress others is one of the most subtle sins that Allah has mentioned in the Quran. This destructive human behaviour not only angers Allah but it also eats away our good deeds. There's not only "no reward" for spending money for impressing others, but it also attracts punishment from Allah. 
Show off in Quran verses
Quran on showing off wealth and money. Surah Nisa 38
Showing off or boasting about one's achievements comes from the lack of knowledge about Allah and our own self. Anyone who is aware that all that has been given to us in this life is the result of God's mercy will do their best to avoid this sin.

In today's competitive world where everybody is competing one another so that they can prove how much better and superior they are to the rest of the people, it becomes more and more crucial for us to constantly monitor our thoughts and actions that may fall under this category.  

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