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One comprehensive Islamic dua for everything

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Prayers can change life as they keep us connected to our Creator - Allah. But most of the times it is hard for an ordinary Muslim to know what their true desire is, and what specific dua they should make in order to solve their problems and get maximum benefits not just in this world but also in the hereafter.
This powerful dua, which is based on Quran, is the best to get all the good in this material world and mercy from Allah in the hereafter. All you have to do is make this supplication part of your daily life.  
best dua for everything
Best dua for everything from Quran


Rabbana atina fid-dunya hasanatan wa fil akhirati hasanatan waqina adhaban-naar

Listen Directly

If reading and understanding the Arabic text seems hard to you, you can listen to this dua in this beautiful short video. I recommend listening to it on a daily basis with your eyes closed and sincere desire in your heart. 

Benefits and blessings

Advantages and blessings of this dua are limitless as this is prescribed by Allah in His book. What can be a more comprehensive supplication than the one that covers every single aspect of your life. Let's admit that every human wants happiness, prosperity and khair, which cannot be found in material possession alone. 

The wealth and money we amass, the relationships we build and the popularity we get often end up creating further problems in our life. We passionately go after these things, but the real happiness still eludes us and we are left feeling empty inside. 

These are some of the notable benefits you will start experiencing:

  • Khair and barakah in everything as life will become easier and easier for you no matter how hard it may seem
  • Increased happiness and contentment 
  • Barakah in financial life such as money and wealth
  • Good health: Cure of life-threatening diseases
  • Improved relationships such as love among family members and a happy marriage
  • End to mental and spiritual illness: Depression, stress, emptiness, jealousy, sense of superiority, sense of lack, hopelessness are some of the reasons that make us want to get a comprehensive prayer that will make our material life blissful and ensure success in akhirah too. 
  • Healthy self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Closeness to Allah will keep increasing
  • Attitude of gratitude
  • Pleasure of God as this dua will keep making sure that you avoid doing those things that attract displeasure of the Lord and only do things that please Him

Ways to get faster results with dua

There is no hard and fast rule to know exactly when and how your dua can be answered by God, but there are certainly powerful tools we have already been blessed with in the form of certain virtues, words, acts and emotions.

Here are three powerful ways to make your dua work like a miracle:

1) Gratitude

gratitude for every dua

Gratitude or shukr is the most powerful force Allah has gifted to us. Not many Muslims know that gratitude has power to manifest your desires faster than any other deed. In the Quran, Allah has mentioned the secret power of gratitude as to how it works and why God listens to dua when a person asks Him with a thankful attitude. 

Check out why gratitude works 100% of the time and why Allah listens to our duas more quickly with it than anything else.

2) Repentance

Making constant istaghfar creates miracles, but so many of us take this powerful dua lightly and mistakenly think that repentance doesn't have anything to do with God answering prayers. Repentance actually puts us in a surrender state and this allows us to connect to God with sincerity. When we admit our shortcomings and weaknesses, and compare our tiny little selves with might of God, we allow Him to take our desires/wants into His own hands. Imagine if God is dealing with your problem or wishes, who can stop your dua from being fulfilled?

Every day, take the time out from your busy schedule and sit in silence. You can start by first feeling sincerity and honesty in your heart, which allows you to let go of your egoic mind.

Remember your ego (nafs) will want to hide itself and project itself as innocent. Allah advises us to work on our nafs in the Quran because this is what keeps us trapped, giving us false impression of ourselves. Remember, only Allah is perfect and above all kinds of weaknesses. Allah knows each one of our errors, sins, acts of arrogance and rudeness, so why we act like we are the most perfect creatures on Earth? Once we realise that Allah isn't impressed by our smartness or perfection, the only only perfect thing we can do is to keep admitting our mistakes over and over letting Him know that we are full of mistakes and we turn to the Most Merciful for cleaning our souls. This attitude is what pleases God and attracts abundance in life.

3) Patience

Patience is another superpower at our disposal as we can get maximum benefits through this virtue. You are probably thinking what's patience got to do with my duas. Let me go a bit deeper by explaining how human mind works and how Satan keeps blocking us through impatience, haste and anxiety. 
See, when you ask Allah for a dua you must have noticed that there is a "time lag" between your request and fulfilment. You have wait for your dua to be accepted and sometimes it can take weeks or even months. This is what makes many people get frustrated and they eventually give up on their prayers. As soon as your focus goes on impatience, lack, worry and doubts such as why God isn't listening to me or why He is taking so long. That is when you blow your chances, and you stop your own self from getting your wish fulfilled. 

So, practise patience. Learn about it through Quran, Hadiths and Islamic books. Today, modern psychology has also discovered why virtues like gratitude prepare you for happiness, more joy and more peace in life.  

Thanks for reading One comprehensive Islamic dua for everything

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