Sunday, March 10, 2019

Aurat March slogans trolled by Pakistani social media users

  Sehrish Khan       Sunday, March 10, 2019
Aurat March Karachi 2019 may have attracted a lot of media attention, but it also received its fair share of trolling from Pakistani social media users.

Funny tweets and Facebook posts mocking some banners in a light hearted mood were shared widely across country's social media. These responses and reaction are hilarious and ones that definitely demand a response back from feminists demanding equal rights for women in every field.

1) Bhaoin Tyre Is Se Change Karwana

Aurat March Karachi poster: Women can change a tyre

2) 'Cutter Feminist se shadi karo ga'

Aurat March 2019 funny pictures and memes

3) 'I am a girl, not woman'

4) 'Khana Men Banata Hun, Tum Apnay Abba Ko Manao Bus'

A funny response to one of Aurat March banners

5) 'Ao Khana Sath Banaen'

6) 'Ammi Ji'

7) 'Apnay Janazay Khud Parhaen'

Aurat March Pakistan memes

8) When you are supporting feminism in Pakistan

9) Khana Hum (mard) Garam Kar Len Gey, Border ki Hifazat Tum Karo


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