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5 common misconceptions about zakat

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When paying your zakat and gaining knowledge about its rulings, it is important to carry out research, or consult scholars/Islamic jurists (mufti).

Although a large number of Muslims today have many wrong ideas about zakat, we will briefly talk about 5 of the most common misconceptions about this subject. 

Misconception # 1) 

Zakat is given only in Ramadan

Many Muslims choose to give zakat in the month of Ramadan only because they are aware that any good deed in this special month will give them more rewards. However, it is not necessary/obligatory to give zakat only in Ramadan.

Misconception # 2) 

Zakat purifies illegal or haram wealth

A lot of Muslims falsely believe that their haram wealth can be purified if they give zakat on it. 

The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “Allaah does not accept zakaah from any haraam wealth.” So haraam wealth is all impure and cannot be purified. (source)

Misconception # 3) 

Zakat is on gold only

Zakat is not only applicable to gold but also to assets such as cash, shares, pensions, silver, business goods and income from investment property.

Misconception # 4) 

Husband is obligated to pay zakat on wife's gold

The husband is not responsible to pay the Zakah of the jewellery of wife but it is up to the wife to pay it herself though by selling the jewellery. However if the husband pays the zakah on behalf of the wife with her permission, it shall be paid

Misconception # 5) 

Zakat cannot be given to relatives

This is another common and widely held misconception. The ruling is that, relatives can be given zakat. 


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