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Make dua to bid farewell to Ramadan

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Ramadan is the month of blessings and rewards. Keeping in mind the importance and significance of this holy month, we try our best to do good deeds, worship as much as possible and seek God's mercy, forgiveness and safety from hellfire. 

Upon the departure of Ramadan, we must sit in silence for a few minutes. Reflect on how we spent these precious 30 (or 29 days). And finally, create the real feelings of thankfulness and express willingness to do even better in the next Ramadan. 

Dua to bid farewell to Ramadan in Arabic and English

Farewell Dua for Ramadan # 2


O Allah the Most Merciful,

As I say farewell to the blessed month of Ramadan I thank You for all the blessings and rewards You gave me during these precious days. I ask You to please accept my prayers, duas, Quran recitation and my efforts to stay away from sins.


Farewell Dua for Ramadan # 3

Ya Allah,

Thank you for the immense rewards, guidance and mercy this blessed month of Ramadan has given me.

Thank you for how this month of fasting and the Quran has served me and given so much to my soul.

I pray that this Ramadan would enable me to spend the next 11 months according to Your instructions and guidance, and that Your blessings would be upon all that I do, forevermore.


Ya Allah, thank You for giving me another Ramadan

I am so sorry that I didn't give this month the value and importance it deserves. Please forgive me because You are the Most Forgiving.

O Allah, I thank You for the month of Ramadan and all its blessings and rewards that You have bestowed upon us. 

I thank You:

I am sorry for not doing my best in this month

I admit that I have not done my best. Ya Allah, You gave me the opportunity, the strength, the capabilities and the time. But I have not been able to reach my full potential. And that's my negligence and laziness. The good deeds that I did in this month was only because of Your will, mercy and fadl upon me. 

Please forgive my negligence and laziness.

I promise I'll do much better next year.

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