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Eid ul fitr night & day: Unimaginable blessings & virtues

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Like the entire month of Ramadan, the night and day of Eid are also blessed and we must strive to make the most from them. 

Hadiths shed light on the importance of both the night before Eid and the entire day of Eid. Let's explore:

Eid ul Fitr blessings virtues

Blessings of the night before Eid 

⧭ The night before Eid is knowns as "Laylatul Ja'izah", which means the "The Night of Rewards."

⧭ Duas are accepted on the night before Eid ul Fitr and Eid ul Adha:

The Messenger of Allah (saw) said, ‘There are five nights on which du`a is not rejected: the first night of Rajab, the fifteenth night of Sha’ban, Thursday night, the night before Eid al-Fitr and the night before Eid al-Nahr (al-Adha)’. (As-Suyuti)

Blessings of Eid day 

The night before the Eid ul Fitr and Eid ul Adha is already full of blessings and God's fadl, the day of Eid also promises countless blessings. Allah keeps His mercy flowing towards His slaves during entire Ramadan, the night before Eid and then on the Eid day as well. 

Ibn Abbas (ra) narrated: 

’When the day of Eid-ul-Fitr [begins], the angels descend on earth, where they take their positions at access points of roads, calling out with a voice that is heard by the whole creation of Allah, except men and Jin: 

O Ummah of Muhammad (saw)! Come out to your most Noble and Gracious Lord, who grants much, and pardons the major sins”. 

When they proceed to their places of prayer, Allah, Exalted is He, says to His angels: 

”O My angels! What is the reward of a worker when he has done his work?” So they say, ”Our Lord and Our Master! To receive his reward [for the work, in full]“. So He says, ”I call you to witness that, for their fasts [during Ramadan], and for their standing in prayer at night, I have made their reward My Pleasure, and my Forgiveness. Depart [from here], you are forgiven”’. [Lataif al-Ma’arif]

Important Duas for Eid ul Fitr

Dua when you sight Eid Moon

Dua & tasbeeh when you are going for Eid ul Fitr prayer 

How to greet Eid ul Fitr with a beautiful dua in Arabic 



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