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Ayat e Karima benefits are countless and easy to gain

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Ayat e Karima is one of the most popular Quran verses that are recited and practised by millions of Muslims around the world. The reason why these verses have gained so much attention among people is obvious: Their benefits are countless because they cover all aspects of life from material problems to spiritual gains.

Without going into the details of why the verse has received this name (mainly popular among Muslims in the Subcontinent), we will explore the major benefits that you can gain by reciting it and making it part of your life.

Ayat e Karima is a dua that Younus AS said after he got trapped in the stomach of a whale. Allah had mercy upon the messenger AS when he recited these words.

Ayat e Karima benefits and miracles

Ayat e Karima in Arabic text with English translation and transliteration

1. Forgiveness for sins

Ayat e karima is the most powerful blessing we have at our disposal when it comes to getting our sins forgiven by Allah. As we all know that these beautiful verses were recited by Younus AS after he had been eaten alive by a whale. Upon reciting these kalimas, Allah got him AS out of the fish stomach and forgave him. 

No matter how big our sins may be, we should be thankful to Allah that He has given us such powerful kalimahs to clean our bad deeds. Be it serious sins such as zina, disobedience to parents, corruption, stealing, robbery and smaller ones like 

2. Problem-solving and hajat 

Allah not only forgave Younus AS upon reciting these verses but also instructed the whale to eject him safe and sound. By reading the story of Younus AS, we come to know that ayat e kareema has power to not only attract happiness of Allah, but also solve our worldly problems. 

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Some of the main benefits we can gain include:
  • Good health: Overall healthy life with no disability and physical issues. 
  • Cure of life-threatening diseases: Cancer, heart problems, diabetes, HIV, hepatitis.
  • Mental illness: Depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, stress and all kinds of psychological problems. 
  • Relationship success and problems: Solves all kinds of marriage problems, ease in finding good spouse (ristha), grow love between husband and wife.  
  • Successful financial life: Money issues are resolved, increase in overall rizq. ease in finding good jobs. 
  • Education: Study related problems are solved, passing an exam, going abroad for higher education, increase knowledge and wisdom. 
  • Self improvement and self-growth: We can improve our character and personality issues by practising repentance on a regular basis. Social problems such as shyness, low self esteem can be replaced with confidence, assertiveness, bravery and decision-making power.
  • Safety from all kinds of threats and harms: Physical harms in the form of accidents can be thwarted. If you have enemies who are constantly annoying you or is bent on hurting you, you can practise ayat e karima.
  • Spiritual protection: Removal of evil eye and black magic can be ensured. Since both of these problems are caused by evil intention and by going against the will of God, repentance is the answer. No matter who has initiated evil eye or magic, your job is to stick to repentance through ayat e karima.

3. Mercy and pleasure of Allah

Repentance attracts mercy of Allah because it is based on surrender and acceptance for our wrongdoing. The fact is, humans are thankless and forgetful. Even if we think that we have not done anything wrong, we are still making mistakes. If Allah showers His mercy and fadl upon us, what more could we ask for because if our Creator is pleased with us, we are successful both in this world and hereafter. Regular recitation ayat e kareema softens our heart and connects us to our Source who is ever-responsive to our supplications.

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The lesson we learnt from Younus AS story is just that. When Allah puts someone through a trial, He also gives them a chance to return to Him by repenting (astaghfar). Even if we have done something that displeases God, we still have second chances as His mercy is bigger than everything.

How to ensure maximum benefits

It is not enough to just recite Ayat e Karima a couple of times and expect to see miracles. Instead of desiring a quick fix or miracle overnight, try to bring a steady and permanent change that is going to give you success both in this world and hereafter.

  • Have 100% faith that Allah is Forgiving: What's the point of turning to Allah for seeking forgiveness if you doubt His mercy and Love? When we set our heart on this one point, that Allah is the most merciful and forgiving, we allow our faith to grow stronger and this ensures positive results. 
  • Have patience: When we start reciting ayat e karima, we may feel tempted to get quick results, and this breaks our momentum. Once we lose patience, we allow Satan to jump in and distract us from the path of success and repentance. 
  • Be regular: Keep practising it over and over again until it becomes part of habitual mental pattern. Most of the times, we start a dua, wazifa or practice only to stop it after a couple of days. This breaks the momentum and end up going back to our old mental patterns. So, being regular and punctual is the key to gaining maximum benefits. 


Thanks for reading Ayat e Karima benefits are countless and easy to gain

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