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Five duas and prayers related to rain

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Rain can both be beneficial and harmful, but generally it is considered a blessing from Allah as humans need it all year round for survival. When it rains, we get fresh water for drinking, agriculture such as crops, farmlands, plants, animals.  However, extreme weather and torrential rain can become more dangerous than we can imagine.

This is why we are taught duas and prayers to recite during different weather conditions in an attempt to keep life and resources safe.
Here are powerful and easy duas for you. Learn them by dwelling on the meaning, their objective and the wisdom behind them.

Dua # 1) For rain to come

Dua for rain to come and start

Dua 2) When it is raining

Dua when it is raining

This prayer can be recited during the time it is raining. Rain, is normally a blessing and relief from Allah, but we should pray for His mercy so that He will send down beneficial rain upon us. Sometimes, due to our sins, human errors and negligence, this blessing can turn into punishment and can result in: 
  • Loss of human lives, and animals too
  • Damage to crops, farms and plants
  • Damage to houses, infrastructure, and roads and other valuable resources/assets
  • Outbreak of infectious diseases 
  • Lightning strike, which can kill
  • Automobile accidents (cars, motorbikes and other vehicles) as more of these incidents happen in wet weather
  • Obstruction in day-to-day life as roads can get flooded with rainwater, making it hard for people to carry out their routine activities such as business, trade, medical facilities (hospitals) and a host of other key areas where life comes to a standstill 

Dua 3) When hearing thunder

dua prayer for when you hear rain thunder

Dua 4) Upon seeing lightning 

Dua and prayer upon seeing lightening

Lightning, which is normally seen during heavy rainfall or during stormy weather, is scary and dangerous. Lightning strikes objects and can injure or sometimes even kill humans and animals in farms and fields.  


This prayer/dua mentioned above can be recited for thunder too as it is mentioned in a hadith.

Dua 5) For heavy and excessive rain to stop

Islamic Dua and prayer for rain to stop

When rains fall down non-stop as they may continue for hours, and even continue for a few days in worst conditions, then harms and damage is likely. Continued rain can damage crops, infrastructure and even cause flooding in villages and cities.

This miraculous prayer is mentioned in an authentic hadith. 

The hadith mentions a person who came to Prophet Mohammad SAW and told about how continued rain is causing people's livestock and animals to die. Prophet SAW recited this dua and Allah stopped the rain immediately.

Thanks for reading Five duas and prayers related to rain

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