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Essay Writing Tips For Students

  Anonymous       Thursday, August 1, 2019
There are only a few people born with a penchant for writing but the fact remains that we all have to do some form of writing especially in our student lives. Those gifted with innate writing skills do not have to work their tail off to pass their exam or improve their writing abilities while the rest of the people often struggle and resort to essay writing help websites.  While that option is helpful but only temporarily and you have to pay up a lot of money to get through with this.  In my reckoning, if students are ready to perfect the craft of writing their essays, dissertations, they can achieve this goal within a span of 4-6 months. This requires daily work and dedication. In this post, I share the most valuable essay writing tips that can help you become a better writer.  The art of good writing is a timeless one and it pays you dividends even in your post-student and professional life. 

Start Reading 3000 Words Daily

There is an old saying that goes: a good writer is always a good reader first. This golden rule applies to the art of writing irrespective of its type. For example, a student who reads well will always be the one with better writing skills. The same can be said for a professional: lawyer, or an IT professional. Good writing skills will always be an advantage even for people who are past their student life. The first and foremost tip is to pick up the habit of reading. The starting point is to make the habit of reading daily newspapers and magazines related to your interest. For example, if you have a keen interest in sports, you should daily read the sports page of a newspaper and read entire magazines weekly.  Once you start reading extensively, you will notice that you have improved vocabulary and can structure sentences better than before. Make sure that you write 3000 words daily whether it is a holiday or workday. 

Know The Jargon

Knowing the subject-specific jargon is absolutely important to write well. There are different types of subject-specific essays and dissertations that you will be required to write.  For example, a nursing student, if not very good at writing, will consult nursing essay writing help service and the same can be said for students struggling with criminal justice essay writing. Each subject has different jargon and you must be able to know the subject-related jargons. For example, while writing a nursing essay, you will need to know a lot of medical-related terms and similarly, you will be using a lot of legal jargons while writing a law paper. You may be studying a course that has different subjects and you will have to familiarize yourself with specific subject related jargons. 


Practice is the key to perfection. The more you practice writing, the better you will get with the passage of time. As the old adage goes: practice makes a man perfect. In order to perfect your writing skill, you will need to practice writing. The best way to begin this step is to keep a daily diary or blog online or offline.  You can consider starting a free blog online where you will publish your writing daily. Now, you may be wondering what should you write daily? You might start rephrasing, rewriting the lectures and lessons you took at college or university or you may start writing about your favourite topics. In short, learning to write well is an ongoing process and it comes with constant practice and drills. Once you follow the above-mentioned advice seriously, you will naturally start seeing improvements in your writing after 3-4 months. Good luck with improving your writing skills!


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