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5 Ya Qahharu benefits you must gain now

  Pakrush Admin       Thursday, August 1, 2019
Al-Qahhar is one of the 99 names of Allah mentioned in the Quran, but what many people do not know is that, it is a powerful ruqya as well. The power of this beautiful name lies in its attribute given to it by God Himself, and its limitless dimensions which a human mind cannot imagine.

Al-Qahhar means "The Subduer." The attribute also is deeper than we can fully understand but scholars and researchers have worked a lot on this particular name and introduced us to countless benefits and miracles it holds.

Here are 5 major benefits one can gain by practising this easy yet effective Ism.

Ya Qahharu benefits and miracles in English and Urdu

1. Overpowering Shaitan

One of the most notable miracles of this God's attribute is gaining control over Shaytan and its dark forces that lurk in the unseen to harm us. Constant recitation and deepening your knowledge on this name, Ya Qaharu, enables you to develop an impenetrable spiritual shield that will save you from mischief of the devil. 

You can choose any amal, ritual or wazaif or the one that suits you, but doing it in a proper way is the key to gaining the most from it. 

2. Love for Allah grows

Ya Qahharu is the most powerful weapon we have at our disposal when it comes to eradicating the love of worldly distractions and increasing love for Allah. The attribute is all about introducing the mankind the overpowering nature of God as we are assured of His protection as well as His power over everything that is against Him. 

Replacing God's love with that of world does not mean that you should stop making progress in life or stop taking interest in material things, rather it is all about using these worldly benefits as a blessing an gift from Him. 

3. Defeating enemies 

Since the attribute highlights Allah's control over all things, Ya Qahharu is the best tool for protecting yourself from your enemies. Admit it or not, when you start making a progress in life, you start attracting dissenters, haters, jealous people bent on harming you and a host of other troublemakers. In such a world fraught with danger and threats, we must make the most from its benefits and miraculous powers.  

4. Black magic cure

Black magic can be a deeper problem sometimes as it usually stays in the victim's mind and aura for years if not healed. However, with Ya Qahhar in you prayer arsenal, you can break the oldest and the most dangerous magic spells cast on you. There are several methods to do that as doing a ritual is always recommended. Choose any of the methods you like and start working on removing your spell. 

5. Self-control

Self control is a vital element in personal growth, both on spiritual and material levels. When we are overpowered by our own and other person's ego (nafs), unconscious people, and unseen Satanic entities, we lose our sense of self, which ultimately weakens our mind and stops progress toward both material and spiritual success. Constant and organised recitation of Ya Qahharu can enable us to gain self-control without having to worry about anything. An improved self-control will further enable you to gain self-worth and confidence as these two factors play an important role in material and worldly success.


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