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Dua to fight off shaitan waswasa and negative thoughts

  Sehrish Khan       Thursday, July 25, 2019
Persistent negative thoughts and shaitain waswasa should not be taken lightly as Allah has mentioned it in several verses of the Quran. But sadly, most of us fail to understand the severity of this subject as our obsession with science and technological advancements downplays the importance of  the unseen and spiritual world that can seriously impact our physical life.

In order to guard against Satanic whispers and tactics, we are advised to recite a very powerful and miraculous dua directly from the Quran. This dua was taught to Prophet Mohammad SAW by Allah Himself.

dua for protection from shaitan whispers, waswaas and negative thoughts


"Rabbi Aaoozu Bika Min Hamazaat-ish-Shayateeni Wa Aaoozu-bika Rabbi Ain-Yahzuroon"

English Translation

"My Lord! I seek refuge with You from the whisperings of the Shayatin (devils). And I seek refuge with You, My Lord! lest they should come near me." (Surah Al Mominun, Chapter 23, verse no. 97-98)

Recite this prayer as often as you can in order to fight off  recurring evil suggestions that usually come in the form of thoughts.

How to get 100% positive results from this dua

Every dua that is answered has to follow certain rules and laws. We often ignore these rules and expect prayers and zikr to work like a sleeping pill. Dua is not merely a practice of verbal recitation, it is more about establishing deep connection with our Source, Allah and attract His mercy.

  • Have 100% belief that Satan exists. If you don't believe it exists, you will remain in ignorance and it will keep hurting you silently and secretly through your own mind. Many Muslims superficially say that they believe that Satan exists, but in reality they reject it as their attitude towards life shows it. Obsession with science and tech and our education system has twisted our beliefs in Allah and creation of Satan.
  • Have full faith in the power, might and mercy of Allah. Nothing can overpower God, so waswasa of shaitan cannot withstand your powerful thoughts filled with love, mercy and acknowledgement of your Creator. 
  • Keep increasing your knowledge and awareness about Satan. Read Quran verses, hadiths and observe the mental activity. You will gain deeper understanding of how to overcome Satanic influences.

You are God's most intelligent creature

Satan, which often comes through djinns and humans, may be boastful of its shrewdness, secret weapon of waswasa and its evil behaviour, but we have been created with bigger intelligence, deeper connection to God Himself, that is why Allah called humans His khalifah for Earth. 

Satan as enemy mentioned in Quran

We are warned of Satan in the Quran over and over not because he should  scare us, but because we must be on our guard all the time and protect ourselves from his traps. So, we should thank Allah for giving us the privilege of His closeness, intelligence and successor (khalifah) so that He will shower His mercy upon us and keep us on the right path. 

Major benefits and advantages 

Negative thoughts and waswasa of shaytan come to our mind in multiple forms, but one thing is for sure, the impact does not remain limited to mind or spiritual realm as it starts impacting our material world such as health, relationships, wealth, rizq, and social life.  So, learning about the risks of not driving away Satan from ourselves and the advantages of keeping it a distance is really worth the time and effort.

Some of the main benefits you are going to get by fully practising this prayer includes removal and control of:


Planting thoughts of hopelessness, self-defeat and disappointment is one of the most cunning tactics Satan employs to harm humans. When we fail tot control our life situations, Satan'e next move is usually to make us lose our hope and the end result is becoming disillusioned with God.


Satan loves to make us fearful of created things while Allah instructs us to fear Him alone and be fearless of everything existing in the universe. This dua has power to drive fear out of our heart and mind and puts us in harmony with God.


Anger is one of the evil habits Prophet Mohammad SAW has warned us of and it has been mentioned in several hadiths. Since anger is usually based on false sense of self and ego, Satan loves to infiltrate our heart while we are emotionally charged up and then it finds a foothold in our mind.


Another seemingly harmless attack from Satan is gratification and pleasure. Usually we fall into this trap by finding pleasure in things that are prohibited and frowned upon by Allah and His Prophet SAW. Some of the things may involve wasting time in unhealthy and unproductive activities such as idle talk, mocking others, eavesdropping and prying into the affairs of other people and chasing pleasure by using every possible means.

Low self esteem

Low self esteem is one of the least discussed topics in Muslim world as it is usually seen as part of psychology. Our self is our platform to experience life and for us to take the test in this life. If we didn't have self, we wouldn't be able to exist, live life, thank God, see His bounties and creation. When Satan sees that we are not willing to fall into the traps of arrogance, anger, pride and entitlement, he then tries to make our self seem worthless to us.

High self esteem

Instead of building reality-based self-esteem in us, we may start nurturing high self esteem based on wrong perception, lack of awareness of life and Allah, and this is usually done by Satanic evil suggestions. When we overvalue ourselves and ignore realistic assessment of our situations, we end up creating thoughts of pride, arrogance, self-glorification. Remember, pride is one of the things Allah hates the most.

Sexual desires

Using sexual desires is one of Shaytan's most lethal weapons and he uses it against humans regardless of their age, gender and ideologies. The youth and growing kids are usually the most vulnerable to sexual desires. Recitation of this dua on a consistent basis can protect us from this trap. 


Constantly wanting more may seem like a nice desire, but in reality it can be more poisonous than we think. Satan comes in subtle forms and when it comes to things like money, fame, women, social status, and material benefits, we are at risk. 

Depression and anxiety

Depression and anxiety start at a mental level where the quality of our thoughts plays a key role. Repetitive negative thoughts, if unchecked and uncontrolled, can evolve into depression. In most cases, recurring waswasa from Shaitan is the prime culprit behind this mental disease.

Djinns, evil eye and magic 

Since djinns and humans are creatures with a conscious choice and free will, we are in a constant spiritual battle that sees the involvement of djinns bent on mischief, evil eye being thrown at us through other humans and even magic. We need constant protection from these dangers and this dua is a blessing from Allah.


Jealousy is one of the quickest tools Shaitan has at his disposal. He creates jealousy in us for other humans, and forces others to create it for us too. Jealousy is purely Satanic in nature as it is based on lack, thoughts and ideas not founded on reality and truth, feeling of resentment and thinking that Allah has done wrong by blessing others. Whenever someone gets jealous of others, Satan becomes active and starts sending evil thoughts to both, the one who creates jealous feelings and the victim for these negative feelings are generated.   

Thanks for reading Dua to fight off shaitan waswasa and negative thoughts

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