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10+ most powerful duas in Quran & Hadiths for all times

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Duas and prayers connect us to our Creator and keep us in harmony with Him. The harmony created through supplications allows God's blessings to keep flowing to us. 

To keep receiving God's blessings and mercy, here are 10+ most powerful duas from Quran and Hadiths you can recite on a regular basis. These duas can be recited with the help of transliteration. Focus on the meaning and dig deeper into what each dua tells us to do.

most powerful duas in Arabic, English and with transliteration

Dua # 1 

رَبَّنَا اٰتِنَا فِي الدُّنْيَا حَسَنَةً وَّفِي الْاٰخِرَةِ حَسَـنَةً وَّقِنَا عَذَابَ النَّارِ

Transliteration: Rabbana aatina fid dunya hasanatin wa fil akhirati hasanatan waqina azaban-naar

English translation: Our Lord! Give us in this world that which is good and in the Hereafter that which is good, and save us from the torment of the Fire! [Al Baqarah 2:201]

Dua # 2

most powerful duas in Islam in Arabic and Engish and transliteration
This dua gets accepted super fast, if practiced with full surrender and faith.

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Dua # 3

Transliteration: Rabbi auzi'ni an ashkura ni'matikal lati an'amta alayya wa ala walidayya  wa an a'mala salihan tardaahu wa aslih fee zurr'riyyati. Inni tubtu ilaika wa inni minal muslimeen

English translation: My Lord, enable me to be grateful for Your favor which You have bestowed upon me and upon my parents and to work righteousness of which You will approve and make righteous for me my offspring. Indeed, I have repented to You, and indeed, I am of the Muslims. [Surah Al Ahqaf 46:15]

Dua # 4

Transliteration: Afa hasib-tum anna ma khalaq naakum abasan wa-an-nakum ilaina laa turjaoon. Fata-aa lallahul malikul haqqu laa ilaha illa hua rabbul arshil kareem. Wa-man yad'u ma-allai ilaahan aakhara laa burhana lahu bihi fa-innama hisaabu hu innda rabih, innahu laa yufli hul kafiroon. Wa-qur rabb-bigh-fir war ham wa anta khairur rahimeen.

English Translation: "Do you then think that we made you uselessly and you are not to return to Us? So exalted is Allah, the Sovereign, the Truth, there is no deity except Him, Lord of the Noble Throne. And whoever invokes besides Allah another deity for which he has no proof -- then his account is only with his Lord. Indeed, the disbeliever will not succeed. And [O Mohammad], say, "My Lord, forgive me and have mercy, and You are the best of the merciful." [Surah Muminum verse 115 to 118]

Dua # 5 

رَبَّنَا ظَلَمْنَا أَنفُسَنَا وَإِن لَّمْ تَغْفِرْ لَنَا وَتَرْحَمْنَا لَنَكُونَنَّ مِنَ الْخَاسِرِينَ

Transliteration: Rabbana zalamna anfusana wa il lamm taghfir lana wa tarhamna lana koonan-na minal-khasireen

English translation: Our Lord! We have wronged our own souls: If You do not forgive us and do not bestow Your mercy not upon us, we shall certainly be lost. [Al A'raf 7:23]

Dua # 6

 يَا حَيُّ يَا  قَيُّومُ بِرَحْمَتِكَ أَسْتَغِيثُ 
Transliteration: Ya Hayyu Ya Qayyum be rahmatika astagheeth

English translation: O Living, O Self-Existing, by Your mercy I seek help [Tirmidhi]

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Dua # 7

رَبَّنَا تَقَبَّلْ مِنَّا إِنَّكَ أَنْتَ السَّمِيعُ العَلِيمُ

 Transliteration: Rabbana taqabbal minna innaka antas Sameeaul Aleem

English translation: O Lord, accept (this service) from us, You are the All-Hearing, All-Knowing [Al Baqarah 2:127]

Dua # 8

رَبَّنَا أَفْرِغْ عَلَيْنَا صَبْراً وَثَبِّتْ أَقْدَامَنَا وَانصُرْنَا عَلَى القَوْمِ الكَافِرِينَ

Transliteration: Rabbana afrigh 'alayna sabran wa thabbit aqdamana wansurna 'alal-qawmil-kafirin

English translation: Our Lord! Bestow on us endurance, make our foothold sure, and give us help against the disbelieving folk. [Al Baqarah 2:250]

Dua # 9

رَبَّنَا اِنَّنَا اٰمَنَّا فَاغْفِرْ لَنَا ذُنُوْبَنَا وَقِنَا عَذَابَ النَّارِ

Transliteration: Rabbana innana amanna faghfir lana zunuubana wa qinna 'azaban-Naar

English translation: Our Lord! We have indeed believed, so forgive us our sins and save us from the punishment of the Fire. [Al e Imran 3:16]

Dua # 10

رَبَّنَا اغْفِرْ لَنَا ذُنُوْبَنَا وَ اِسْرَافَنَا فِيْ اَمْرِنَا وَثَبِّتْ اَقْدَامَنَا وَانْصُرْنَا عَلَي الْقَوْمِ الْكٰفِرِيْنَ

Transliteration: Rabbanaghfir lanaa zunoo-banaa wa israafanaa fee amrinaa wa thabbit aqdaamanaa wan s’urnaa a’lal qawmil kaafireen

English translation: Our Lord! Forgive us our sins and our transgressions (in keeping our duties to You), establish our feet firmly, and give us victory over the disbelieving folk. [Al e Imran 3:147]

Dua # 11

رَبِّ اجْعَلْنِيْ مُقِيْمَ الصَّلٰوةِ وَمِنْ ذُرِّيَّتِيْ رَبَّنَا وَتَقَبَّلْ دُعَاۗءِ

Transliteration: Rabbij-Alnee Muqeemas’ S’alaati Wa Min Zurr'riyyatee Rabbanaa Wa Taqabbal Du-A’aa

English translation: O my Lord! Make me one who performs As-Salaat (Iqaamat-as-Salaat), and (also) from my offspring, our Lord! And accept my invocation. [Surah Ibrahim 14:40]


Thanks for reading 10+ most powerful duas in Quran & Hadiths for all times

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