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Surah Muminun last 4 verses: Quick cure for diseases

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If you are wondering what are some of the most powerful Quran verses for healing purposes such as curing a life-threatening disease, you should know you have easy-to-recite last 4 verses (ayas) of Surah Muminun to cure any health-related issue.

If you are confused as to what dua or prayer to choose for your or you relative's disease, just concentrate on one healing method. Stick to these last 4 verses as they are easy to learn, recite and you can even listen to if you have trouble pronouncing Arabic text.

Surah Muminun last 4 verses
Surah Mominoon last 4 verses are best for the cure of any disease, minor or life-threatening. Please recite it along with the English translation.


Afa hasib-tum anna ma khalaq naakum abasan wa-an-nakum ilaina laa turjaoon. Fata-aa lallahul malikul haqqu laa ilaha illa hua rabbul arshil kareem. Wa-man yad'u ma-allai ilaahan aakhara laa burhana lahu bihi fa-innama hisaabu hu innda rabih, innahu laa yufli hul kafiroon. Wa-qur rabb-bigh-fir war ham wa anta khairur rahimeen.

English Translation

Verse 115: Do you then think that we made you uselessly and you are not to return to Us?

Verse 116: So exalted is Allah, the Sovereign, the Truth, there is no deity except Him, Lord of the Noble Throne.

Verses 117: And whoever invokes besides Allah another deity for which he has no proof -- then his account is only with his Lord. Indeed, the disbeliever will not succeed.

Verse 118And [O Mohammad], say, "My Lord, forgive me and have mercy, and You are the best of the merciful.

How to recite

There are various methods recommended by scholars and spiritual healers but all are derived from a hadith as a famous companion of the Prophet Mohammad Peace Be Upon Him recited these 4 verses in the ear of an unconscious person who had been suffering from a disease. Upon the companion's recitation, the patient quickly regained his consciousness.

A recommended and straightforward method told by my spiritual healer is this:

Recite the 4 verses after each salah (prayer) and do a damm (blow) on the patient every time. Best if you can recite the verses in his/her ear, but if not possible due to any reason, you can recite and then blow on them from a distance as well.

* You can also blow on them in your imagination if you are away from them. But best if you follow the recommended method.


The benefits and blessings of reciting the last 4 verses of Surah Al Muminin are countless and we have already covered the part that concentrates on healing/treatment of diseases.

  • Cure for all diseases & health-related problems: You can recite these ayahs for diseases such as cancer, heart problems, diabetes, blood pressure, hepatitis, fever such as typhoid and viral ones that happen due to viruses and other causes. 
  • Any impossible task to be accomplished: The hadith which mentions the healing power of these ayahs also talks about how Prophet Peace Be Upon Him valued their significance. Prophet SAW said: "If a person recite this (4 ayaas) with conviction (full faith) on a mountain, it would move. 

In Hadith

Companion Abdullah Ibn Masud (May Allah be pleased with him) recited some verses in the ear of an unconscious person who had been suffering from some ailment. The person regained consciousness. Prophet Peace Be Upon Him asked the companion: "What did you recite in his ear? He replied: "I recited the verses 'Did you think that we have created you without any purpose (Surah Muminun verses 115 to 118) till the end of the Surah. Prophet SAW said, "If a person recites this with conviction on a mountain, it would move." [Reference]


Thanks for reading Surah Muminun last 4 verses: Quick cure for diseases

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